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Launching the Library : Downloads



Today I’m adding an additional section to Extreme Kites called ‘The Library.’   

The first part of the Library is the downloads area and this is a place where the community can share files, PDFs, Drawings, Line Plans, Tweaks, Manuals and even old brochures that evoke a feeling of nostalgia.  I’ve kept it simple to start and as each category grows they’ll be sub-divided in to clearer and more identifiable categories. 

It’s in its early infancy, however keep an eye on it as I feed more and more information in and encourage you to do the same 👍

Link: https://www.extremekites.com.au/files/


Recommended Comments

I can already see the incredible potential of what this library section can be.

Lately, it is becoming harder to find information on older kites. Often having to trawl through old websites, forums and broken links that lead nowhere, just to find something as simple as a user manual.

the library could be a one-stop shop for manuals, mods, repairs, guides or anything else that will help out the current community and newcomers to the sport. 👍

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