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Extreme Kites over the past month has had an enormous influx of content, the challenge now is to make that content discoverable through different parts of the website.  To meet that challenge many hands make light work, and I would like to thank @bakersdozen, @andy666, @Mfwetu and @igeighty for stepping up to help.

The first step is for us to work through the 1600+ reviews that now exist on the website and apply the relevant tags and filters so that the reviews can be easily discovered and displayed alongside relevant content.  This is a manual process now that each and every individual review is filtered, tagged and saved.

The second step is going on a discovery mission and finding reviews in the Forum and moving them to the Reviews section. This is a little trickier but in the end will help centralise all reviews in one location.

This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint and I would like to thank the people above for volunteering to help out.



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