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Freestyle UK Zine 01 Magazine

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About This File

This Magazine has been digitised by Extreme Kites with the express permission from Andy Preston, the original Publisher/Editor of Freestyle UK Zine.
I have provided 3 options on Download which include High Resolution, Mid Resolution or Low Resolution.

Table of Contents

  • Inflight Entertainment [2]
    Stacks of shots to inspire and motivate.
  • Get Off The Fence [4]
    Your chance to have your say.
  • Rider Dossier 1 [5]
    Appo and Mark Everitt
  • Nooz Page 1 [6]
    Peter Lynn Core and Kheo Boards
  • Nooz Page 2 [7]
    Radsails Aztec starter kite
  • Nooz Page 3 [8]
    Flexifoil Blade 5 information
  • Nooz Page 4 [9]
    Radsails Savage 2 information
  • Giving it Beans [10]
    Dedicated to those who tear it up
  • Sessions 1....N Wales [11]
    A round up of North Wales action
  • Sequences Page [12]
    Learn how to do the moves, get a magnifying glass.
  • In Flight Entertainment 2 [14]
  • Rider Dossier 2 [15]
    Will Mckean and "Doc" Green
  • The Road to Nirvana [16]
    How it all began until now PT 1
  • Vision [18]
    Some great shots from the archives of the faithfull.
  • Ouch [20]
    Slams and hurty stuff.
  • Rider Dossier 3 [21]
    "Stupid" Dave and "Icarus"
  • BKSA Swansea comp results [22]
  • Rider Dossier 4 [23]
    Andy Preston and Mikee
  • Gone Butch But Not Forgotten [24]
  • Party Page [25]
  • Games for Windless Days [26]
  • Rider Dossier 5 [27]
    Sean Turpin and Sukie Robertson
  • Earbockers [28]
    Max air in no wind.
  • Rider Dossier 6 [29]
    Craig Sparkes and Andrew Jones
  • Mewsick [30]
    Killer links for your ears by REPLICANT2009
  • Rider Dossier 7 [31]
    Lewis Wilby and Glen Butcher
  • Sessions 2 ....Branny [32]
    Sylenz gets wet for your entertainment
  • Nooz Page 5 [34]
    Radsails Evo 3 1st test review
  • Rider Dossier 8 [35]
    Mark Berry and Richy Stones
  • Nooz Page 6 [36]
    DarkSkyKites and The Wind Farm
  • Parting Fun [37]
    A happy sionara until next time.
  • Back Cover
    Here is all the info on all the contributors to this first episode of Freestyle UK.

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i was on the beach the day that mark everitt jumped and flew a loop and andy preston took that picture  , it was a big jump and the savages are fast kites , the evo3 was fast as well , i flew them for 6months testing them and they were very stable and jumped nice , i still have the 8 , 10, and 12 very pretty kites 

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On 9/17/2020 at 12:11 PM, nigel said:

I might be blind, but when was this first published??

2009 :) 

I had to go looking for it too, bottom of the cover :D 


On 9/18/2020 at 3:47 AM, slide said:

it was a big jump and the savages are fast kites

Wow that jogs some memories for me, I had a Savage back then as well and you are right they were nice kites.  Shame Eolo didn't get with Andy a few years earlier as they came just at the start as people were switching to depower.

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it was a funny time with interest in landkiting dropping off ,they decided not to go forward with the EVO 3 for similar reasons ,but the evo range had been around a few years 

andy was at the beach the day i disscovered the sabre2 problem i had a 12 , a 7 and a 5 , i brought them on a  back order , so i got the first ones in the country , and the first problem i had was landing the 5 in a big wind and it split in the middle ,but that was within 1 month so it was repaired by the flexi girls who were still there , any way i was at the beach one sunday morning  a few weeks later and it was an off shore and a bit gusty and early in the morning the wind was lighter but still gusty and the sabre2 12metre just tips over with the forward edge facing  downwards and is uncontrolable and just hits the ground front end first , any way later on as the wind picks up and i 'm flying the sabre2 7metre, still an off shore , and that kite does it also , so they are then for sale ,and that morning was the first time i ever flew an evo 2, as andy had watched procedings and offered me a evo2 6metre to fly for the morning and that was loverly and stable in a strong offshore , but i never ever said anything about the sabre2 and  once mine had gone i forgot about them and i would never diss flexifoil in any shape or form - it was a bad design , but mainly a high gusty wind thing 

flexifoil were king with fixed bridle , nobody came near especially every blade design ,one for every taste, but depower foil is a difficult nut to crack and flysurfer have always been my favourite

and thats how i got my bladeiv's with a swop getting rid of the sabre2's , while the sabre2  had more lift than sabre1 , the2 had some inherent problems if you pushed it in a big wind -lewis had split one in the middle pushing it at a show as lewis always did -ever seen the 4 loops in one jump he did on a landboard with a  flexifoil inflatable -flexifoil made brilliant inflatables ,lewis had all the designs over time and was always amazing with them ,he's with flysurfer now you could do with trying to get the early lewis wilby videos mostly made by sy, lewis was years ahead of anyone else in the early days and then later others riders came on the landboard scene 

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