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  1. Hello all! Now this might go unseen as I am not sure how many people may remember my father AndyFly (Andrew, Andy) who sadly passed in 2011 from a seizure. His passion was kiting, buggying, and mostly, being apart of the BrisKites & Extremekites community. On the long weekend of Easter in 2012 my family and I travelled to Yeppoon to meet with many of the kiting community as we remembered dad for who he was, alongside an event that he loved attending (with us AndyFly "maggots" joining the fun 😂) as we scattered some of his ashes on the beach out the front of Driftwood. Our family has so many fond memories of so many different people within this community, and the joy that it their friendship brought Andrew. For the first time since 2011, my mum Linda and I have travelled to Yeppoon to spend the last few weeks remembering the adventures we use to have with dad on these kiting trips and the people that we met. We walked along the same beach today, in front of Driftwood, drawing his name once again in the sands that he once loved. I watched a kite surfer today and it reminded me of the times I use to go and kite with dad in Canberra at the Amaroo ovals at 14 years old, learning how to kite and watching dad fly through the sky in his buggy for hours. So here is a big thank you from our AndyFly family to everyone who remembers dad. To everyone who brought such strong friendships, fun, banter, love and support to dad's life. For everyone who left such kind words after he passed, and who posted such amazing pictures of dad (some of which I am only seeing for the first time ❤️) We are all doing well and hold these memories of you all close to our hearts. Hope to see you in Yeppoon sometime in the future! Jess
  2. This is AndyFly's daughter Jess. This has been such an amazing thread to read about how my father Andrew, made such a big impact in the kiting community which he loved so dearly. It has now been 10 years since we came to Yeppoon around easter to scatter some of dads ashes on the beach out the front of Driftwood. Mum and I have been in Yeppoon for the first time in 10 years again for the last few weeks, walking along the beach today brought back many memories of the events we would attend with dad over the years. I am not sure if anyone will see this, although I want to say a big thank you for all of your kind words and memories. I have loved seeing all of the photos of dad, some of which I have never seen before. There was tears of joy as I sat watching a kite surfer on the water today, remembering the times I would go kiting alongside dad at 14 years old. So very grateful for this beautiful life that we live, thank you for being apart of it.
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