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  1. LB 81!! Wow. Im stoked to hear you're still building landboards Paul. I'm still in love with my LB35. Its been round the world and back with me, twice.
  2. Phwoar, glad to hear you're good Parksy. And equally happy to hear people are still land boarding! Hope you knocked a couple more cells out with a large cold beer after that mate
  3. Dubs

    22nd feb

    Nice vid man, great timing at the end when you stick your face in the camera and tune says "get a bullet"
  4. That sounds like a great idea mick, most probably better than strapping him into a harness and hoping he remembers to pull the safety when getting rag dolled. Sounds like you could have Hadlow MK11 on the cards there slide!
  5. dream kite! what a deal. extremely good investment of 950 right here.
  6. hand problems from too much rubbing? thats what i read
  7. Through my studies, I have found that many life events and commitments can effect the amount of time available for kitesurfing. I am currently researching thesis Equation: Kitesurfing time = D^2/(TQxf-10) Where D= days in week TQ= Total quiver size F= average forecasted wind speed over that week -10= (in knots) calculating for inflated windspeed due to "hoojballs"
  8. Fixed bridle kites (your blade) won't work on a depower bar dude- the sky bar is for flexifoil LEIs and foil based depower kites. Infact, even if you got a fixed bridle bar- you'd be disappointed with how it flys. I love blades but would rather buy a cheap depower (or just hop the blade in big winds) than spend the time trying to set up a blade on a bar. The main difference is depower/LEI kites use front lines purely for power delivery and back lines for steering. Whereas a fixed bridle still needs the input (steering) on the front lines to fly properly. Brake lines are (as you probably know
  9. Dubs

    Trip Switch

    Blast went on another kite trip did he? Next...........
  10. Dubs

    Is kiting dead?

    Land kiting seems to be going stale from an on line point of view, kitesurfing is definitely getting bigger. You're just being a pussy and not kiting as much lolage
  11. Im currently helping my sister find a board. I mean come on, how many of us kiters can actually tell the difference between boards anyway, or know for that matter that we WANT more/less rocker/flex wider tips/ whatever board tech is around these days. We went out today, shared my north team and she had a blast. All though, Shinnworld says they reduce tail surface area 'cause lighter riders don't need so much. I'm keen on the street since your comments Mick But what about the fat girls?
  12. Dubs


    This video makes me reeeealllly want a speed 3
  13. You sound like a bunch of old men in a pub, almost forgot this is a kite forum
  14. Haha Jees Mick thats a kite and a half! Im intrigued my the old flexi Nexus, inflatable struts and solid plastic panels, similar lack of user friendliness too. Damn perhaps it would have been more interesting doing worst kites of all time....
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