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Wildwood Buggy Bash


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Oct.8-14th was the Wildwood buggy bash held in Wildwood NJ, Usa. What started as a weekend get together has evolved into a week long gathering of buggy, boarding, and blokart family. This year, those who arrived early were treated to some amazing onshore winds courtesy of Hurricane Michael. Wildwood beach is approximately 7 miles of amazing hardpack facing the Atlantic ocean. This year we had 4 GT buggies, a PTW and 2 MG Supras as well as the assortment of PL and Flexifoil buggies. Having upgraded my gear this year allowed me to set several PB's. I buggied more this bash than all my previous ones combined. 
















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Thanks! I'll check that out... Wind was super light right there, had to work the kite to keep it up - might just be some slack and the leash was weighing it down. Or it's just tight... :D 

The real problem was the phantom... turns out I had somehow burst 2 cells  - I don't ever remember slamming that kite, didn't happen at WBB. You can see them bulging at the beginning of the video. Luckily someone pointed it out to me, I never noticed.

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Might be. They had a habit of shrinking more than the center lines and when the wind picked up and the kite was fully "depowered", the safety line would take the load and not the center line. Which meant that little loop splice was taking all the load :o I spliced in a new longer section just below the stopper block, but I can't remember on which bars now. If it's those ones, it'll be double thickness. You could unpick the splice and add a longer piece, or just make up/buy a whole new safety. The reason I didn't do that was I couldn't get the bungy line for the top...

Yup those sure are blown cells :blackeye: poor Phantom! At least you got access to good, reasonable priced repair shops! I asked about getting the 21 repaired in Japan, the only place that would do it was a paraglider shop, and they wanted $500 just to look at it.

That rollercoaster looks fun too!

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Thanks @Kamikuza, shrinking totally makes sense. Time to replace the lines on that kite anyway - new line is sitting right here, just need to make time to splice it. Tape is still holding fine on the 21m, used it the next morning before the wind picked up. Phantom is on its way to repair. The one thing I don't do so far is sew, so I'll leave that to the professionals.

Amusement parks were closed, was having way more fun on the beach anyway :D 

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