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  1. Amazon Japan I've had the most dealings with. Most of the website that matters is in English. I've returned a number of things I've not been happy with, or like with shoes just bought two in different sizes and sent back the ones that didn't fit. Zero issues. Probably because it's automated... Amazon US... The one time I tried a claim was for a graphic novel that has a section of pages out of order... And the pages weren't numbered. The Indian chap on the help line didn't seem to believe me and wouldn't take the return. Weird.
  2. Next level sounds good. I liked the Sonics but they were unpleasant in crappy contortions... I'm a Clydesdale so I'd take 15 over 12... probably.
  3. Make one? IIRC it's just dyneema in a tube with loops at either end.
  4. I was just trying to get the board feeling less bendy, with all that tail out behind my feet... Tried the same thing on my regular TT and hated it. If I can do it, surely anyone can! All I do pretty much is foil, used to only ride TT on trips back home before the 'rona. My biggest board now is 120 and my biggest kite a 10m 😁
  5. It may well be cross-talk... If you leaning from the waist over your front foot, you're doing a lot less to shift your CoG, and are upsetting your balance. The answer is Yoga lunges -- keep your torso upright and bend your front knee. Yeah I quickly went from 13m tube to 12m Speed3, then 10m Crossbow. Had the 21 for super-light winds, but as soon as I was overpowered (10 knots maybe) I'd go straight to the 10m. It's the same now. If I can't water start on the 10m, it wouldn't be much fun anyway. Key thing is a good power stroke, then being able to turn the power right down. When you get used to loading up the kite and foil like a racer, power is less important. Honestly, the estuary is great. Getting out through the waves at Brighton is still a bit tricky Peak 4 interests me too. Hopefully get a Debi this year...
  6. Nice. Don't lean forward, more your CoG forward -- yoga side lunges. You'll never be able to "lean" or "push" the front foot enough to handle even a small area foil. That wing/setup noticeably had a tendency to nose-dive when you pushed the speed.
  7. The impression I got was that it was just replacing the Dacron... For now. Am I being too hopeful?
  8. 1.8kg 3 strut kite -- lighter than a zero strut ?
  9. Looks like a version of the North Iron Heart so it won't be and how often do you need to reset a QR?!
  10. 'kin brutal. I've seen video of the tomahawk test with the Speed5 and Viron too. The only issue I have is that the kites aren't as "loaded" as they could be -- let the bodies hit the water, then loop it into the power zone. Let's see that done a dozen times...
  11. Dunno, bloody good 'shops if it's not real. I know extreme high AR has been played with before eg. The Death Blade paraglider...
  12. Line mount doesn’t mount on your kite... which one are you actually after?
  13. You'll need a left handed screwdriver to get the grub screw out
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