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  1. Yes, summer riding is usually off limits. We can access the beach from Sept-Apr.
  2. Hey everyone...its been a while since I've been on. Been a while since I had a kite in the air. But I did get out last week as we had warm temps and great south winds. Had a good day with my bud Brandon at Atlantic Beach, New York. Project_01-11_4K.mp4
  3. I can't say it's my go-to as I've only had a few sessions on it, but my 11m Aero performed amazingly in 8-10mph winds. This was an upwind run. Still getting used to the foils.
  4. 3 GT and a PTW Buggy. There is a 4th GT here also.
  5. Oct.8-14th was the Wildwood buggy bash held in Wildwood NJ, Usa. What started as a weekend get together has evolved into a week long gathering of buggy, boarding, and blokart family. This year, those who arrived early were treated to some amazing onshore winds courtesy of Hurricane Michael. Wildwood beach is approximately 7 miles of amazing hardpack facing the Atlantic ocean. This year we had 4 GT buggies, a PTW and 2 MG Supras as well as the assortment of PL and Flexifoil buggies. Having upgraded my gear this year allowed me to set several PB's. I buggied more this bash than all my previous ones combined.
  6. So Jeff ftw. Finally rigged this bar. Your diagram sure helped. PL website wasn't very clear, or I'm not very smart. But all good now.
  7. Off topic - what were shipping rates to get the kite from U.S. ?
  8. Well, I wasn't planning on trying active track. I am too afraid someone out of my sight might ride by and slice their lines, or worse hit it with a kite unintentionally. Really wanted to sit in a tandem and try to fly/follow the pack as they move up and down the beach. I joined a FB mavic forum, but with all the wisecracks and banter it's hard to determine what is useful information. We have our buggy bash approaching in 3 weeks, so hopefully will get great winds and awesome footage ??
  9. @igeighty have you been able to follow buggies up and down the beach with your Mavic..? If so do the winds we fly in make it difficult...? I just picked up a second hand Mavic. Mavic 2 just released, so people are dumping these pretty cheap. Looking to bump up the buggy videos. Also picked up an Osmo really cheap
  10. No bar on the other side Kam. The safety line passes thru a hole on the back side of this. That is the red line sticking out. I found a manual for another PL bar - the magnet. Seems similar, but I still can't make sense of it yet.
  11. Just got an Aviator bar and lines but no manual. I have set up bars before, but this looks different from what I'm used to. What's going on here...? I know the front lines attach here, but how..? Don't want to assume anything. Also how do I attach safety line...? Cant find manual on PL website for bar.
  12. Thanks for the reply @.Joel I have been in conferences all week. I should have stated that I have on Ozone race bar. I will post pics tmw. After looking at the picture of the PL setup I will definitely install a ring.
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