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  1. This buggy has now been sold...... we still have a land lizard for sale though
  2. I have a meeting with them on Tuesday so should have all the info then i Hope
  3. Next Flash Mob Kite Fly will be Sunday the 14th of October The Council have asked us to put some kites up for the official opening of the park Some flyers will be in Harden so if anyone can make it it would be appreciated to show the council we are using this amazing kite flying site.
  4. Ok New date is now Saturday December the 15th.... Apparently there is a Kite Surfing comp on at same location in the afternoon. Venue has also changed. Its between Point Danger and main beach in what gets called the overflow car park.
  5. Will be great to see you. There is room to buggy.
  6. The Dean Kite festival is on again Sunday 2nd September... Fathers Day.... Dean Rec Reserve.. just out of Ballarat... very small event but a chance to show off some kites.... Starts at 12 till 4 We will be running Kite making workshops... Hoping for some sunshine and a nice wind this year...last 2 years has been very chilly..... Lots of great country food available to purchase.....
  7. This event looks like its going to have a date change... will yell as soon as I know
  8. jo

    Lady Bug Workshop

    not sure what we will do for the next workshop..or when we can have it... I am booked out every weekend for next 2 months........
  9. jo

    Lady Bug Workshop

    Workshop now fully booked.... soon there will be a loveliness of Lady Bugs bouncing around the kite fields of Victoria...
  10. We are running a Lady Bug Ground Bouncer Workshop... since the last one was a huge hit and people are asking for MORE !!!!!!! Darren and Naomi are going to run this workshop... We are going to make the BIGGER bugs.... since you can buy the small ones so cheap from china they are not worth making... Bigger is also easier to sew.. not so fiddly You will need to bring a sewing machine... so we can have one per person... We are thinking of precutting them to save time... so its mainly the construction that you will be learning. they take 3 to 4 meters of material.. so we are looking at $ 20 per bu
  11. jo

    Applique Workshop

    Nigel is now an official Kite Maker !!!!!!!!! One very successful Workshop.... and some amazing creations made Rocket still not finished....
  12. Nothing as yet !!!! I am keeping the date free just in case
  13. jo

    Applique Workshop

    This workshop is now Fully Booked... next one in the pipelines....
  14. Sunday 16th September....... At this stage lets just say... RESERVE THE DATE ......... 1 pm till 4 pm.... We will have some International Kite Flyers coming to stay with us after the Festival of the Winds at Bondi Beach In Sydney... So why not have an International Kite Fly at our fav spot to fly in Melb and show them the best fly field and the local hospitality while they are in Melb. We will hopefully have a special themed Kite display with some interactive things for the kids to enjoy.... At this stage just reserving the date.... more info to follow as things get organised.
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