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Found 25 results

  1. Custom made 1830 f-arc Brand new, made from 2 factory fresh 1600 f-arcs and never flown. Price drop This is the ultimate light wind arc and the 2nd one I have made. The first is my personal kite and it flys beautifully. Has TE deflate valve fitted and alternative tip cut mod done, which allows VPC bridle to be attached (bridle instructions included). Standard leaders attached and can be flown off any bar with single front line or 5th line safety. For EK member I will include the vpc bridle. Kite only without spars to save on postage. But 9.5mm (3/8) fibreglass tent poles can be purchased from eBay very cheap.
  2. Get in to Kite Buggying TODAY with these Package Deals! Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 2.5M Complete $495 Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy + Nasa Star3 4.0M Complete $545 Kite Buggying is fun, but it can also be expensive to get in to or opportunity to grab gear limited. Here's a perfect starter's package for someone looking in to getting in to buggying on the cheap. The package includes an excellent condition Peter Lynn MK1 Kite Buggy and a brand new Nasa Star3 Kite complete with bar and wrist strap. Progressive Options Once you've gained confidence and control you can attach the Harness Loop to the Bar and hook right in with a harness. You've got the bar and line setup already, adding additional kite sizes to your quiver is affordable. Interested in purchasing? Send me a PM or email to Joel@ExtremeKites.Com.Au
  3. Making some room for the kites that I don't use. Ozone Frenzy FYX 11m - immaculate condition, still soft and crispy $500 Complete RTF with bar, lines (still super waxy), bag (hasn't been used), spares kit and leash. Hasn't seen a lot of use. PL Arcs. F-ARC 1200 and S-ARC 840 with bags, spars, Cabrinha bar and lines. $250 (for both kites and bar/lines) F-ARC is new and S-ARC has been around the traps for a while. Happy to post a buyers expense. Price and shipping negotiable. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Garmin etrex 10 GPS. $100 + post.
  5. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness Size M in top condition. Barely used as I prefer my ozone harness to this. That's just my preference tho, as this is still a super comfortable harness and does the job very well. Comes with leash. $70 I'm located at 3198 Happy to post at buyers expense.
  6. Peter Lynn 5.6M Waterfoil (Gold/Black) $100 Kite Only Pristine condition, this death machine looks practically brand new. If you want to hurt yourself, this is the kite for you!
  7. Flexifoil Blade III 3.0M (White/Grey/Black) $150 Kite Only $200 Complete w/ Lines & Handles Devilishly quick small kite, this kite is a hell of a lot of fun.
  8. Not getting the use it deserves. Comes with 2018 version maps on the sd card. $200 ono..
  9. Pansh A15 15M For Sale (SOLD) Comes complete w/ Core Kiteboarding Bar & Lines $500 + Post. Payment via Direct Deposit, Paypal or Credit Card. Link to my review: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/kites/pansh-a15-r33/ More Information: http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_search_list.dwt&gcat=152 This kite has been flown only a handful of times, if you're looking for an affordable, large, low-wind closed cell kite this is it
  10. F-Arc 1600's For Sale (SOLD) Brand new and unopened, I bought a few from Outlaw ( http://www.extremekites.com.au/topic/14806-peter-lynn-f-arc-12-or-16-new-120/ ) plus extras for people that never picked up / never paid. So here they are available for sale locally in Melbourne. $60 each + Post. Pickup from Richmond 3121.
  11. I'm selling all my old kites which includes a 2015 North Dice 6m $650 (kite only) 2015 North Dice 9m $895 (complete with bar and lines) 2015 North Dice 11m $975 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Airush Razor 7m $400 (complete with bar and lines) 2013 Crazyfly Sculp 8m $450 (complete with bar and lines) please email me if interested: antbrownkite@gmail.com
  12. Flysurfer Speed 3 - 12m - Standard Fabric + Bar & Lines, Bag, Leash and repair kit. Used for land kiting, no rips, tears or repairs. It has some dirt marks from being used on the beach, and the white fabric is starting to yellow, but otherwise is in great condition. Located in Brisbane. $850 + Postage
  13. GT-Race down tube For Sale. I ordered two new custom length downtubes so I have a standard GT-Race Downtube with Fork Lock from my Rapide++ available in the shotblast/matt finish. If your current fork doesn't have the hole for the forklock you can ignore it. $200 + Post.
  14. Peter Lynn Arc1120 (Blue/Silver) $125 Kite Only An old timer yet feeling completely modern compared to an Death-Arc F-Arc, you'll need a bar and lines to fly this one.
  15. Thought I had sold this but found it in a drawer! Full working order, some surface scratches and i think the batteries are going (just takes standard AA's!). $50 plus postage
  16. 5m and 7.4m pansh sprints for sale. $100 each or get both for $150. Free postage in Australia. the sprint is pansh's fixed bridle race kite. They are not as refined as the vapors, but they are fast and would be good for someone wanting to try a race kite without paying a fortune. Comes as kite only.
  17. I think I may have overpriced this hence the price drop. GoPro Hero3 silver, including waterproof and open back doors, GoPro 3 way mount, goose neck mount (and various other brackets).Has instructions and micro USB cable for charging and a 32gb micro SD card. Works with the GoPro app. $350 $300 plus postage or Would consider a swap for a digital SLR plus som cash your way.
  18. For Sale Peter Lynn Comp XR +, With 140cm gigastrong axle, extended side rails and highway rated tyres, belly pan, backrest and Hotwire straps. In good condition, loads of tread on tyres, no rust, bearings could probably do with replacing in 6-12 months, some threads pulled in seat. Probably local collection only, but if you are really keen I could get a price for courier. $400 Price drop to $350
  19. Found this in my garage! Bags a bit dusty but the kite is crispy and immaculate, lines still feel waxy and the handles are in great condition. Comes with ground stake and kite killers. $50 plus postage. Or i'll throw it in if you buy my buggy!
  20. Found a couple of mounts that I've never/rarely used. GoPro Chesty (chest harness) never used $45 plus postage... The Chesty makes it easy to capture immersive video and photos from, well … your chest. It's perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports or any activity where you want a more engaging, lower-than-the-helmet view of the action. You'll capture more of your arms, knees, poles and skis while skiing—and more of your arms and handlebars while biking or riding your motorcycle. Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes. Provides an ultra immersive perspective Perfect for skiing, cycling, motocross or paddle sports Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes Or get them both for the bargain price of $85 plus postage!
  21. Been sorting out some more of my stuff - Skywatch eolo anemometer, excellent condition just some cosmetic blemishes. $80 $60 plus postage Large sand bag (43cm x 33cm) $10 plus postage
  22. I've decided to sell my KAP kite, GoPro rig, winder and lines, as I just don't have the time/opportunity to use it... All in excellent condition - Ultrafoil 15, with fuzzy tail, 200m of white Dacron line (110kgs) on a large winder and a KAPshop small GoPro rig - http://www.kapshop.com/Rigs-Rigs-for-Kites-KAPshop-KAP-Rigs/c46_107_111/p330/<b>KAPshop&%2339s-Small0</b>/product_info.html All you need to get you KAPing All for $250 $200 plus postage. Does not include GoPro! @jhn.holgate's review on the ultrafoil 15 - http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/kites/ultrafoil-15-r12/
  23. I am selling my 2010 Ozone Manta 10m, this kite is in excellent condition, still really crispy and the lines and bridle look as new. Comes with kite, lines, 65cm bar, and bag. Price drop... $450 plus postage.
  24. 2013 Ozone Access 6m, in great condition only a few minor scrapes on the bar. Comes with bag, bar and lines. Great stable high wind depower. $500 plus postage. Don't forget I am also selling my Ozone Manta 10m http://www.extremekites.com.au/topic/15572-ozone-manta-ii-10m/, get both kites to cover an awesome wind range and save me from my wife killing me for buying an new kite. Special offer - Ozone Access $600, Ozone Manta $600 or get both for $1200 (and combine postage!) Ozone Access review -http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/kites/ozone-access-6m-2013-r17/
  25. Hey gang, I'm putting the last of my Reactor II's on the for sale block. I thought I might eventually use it again, but I'm just not sure thats going to happen with how much I am loving my Nasa Star 3 quiver. SO... here it is, a 3.5m PL Reactor II. I am told it was made in custom colors out of a lighter weight fabric for a PL team rider. You can see it is not the usual colors of the Reactor II series: Aside from its custom colors, here's what I believe makes it special: Firstly it belonged to the PL Team Rider (kinda Cool), and from there it went to PKF's beloved one and only Don Leech, the unforgettable and wonderful man tridude (a great member of our kiting community in the states who was always very giving and kind) who we all lost just recently from cancer (SUPER COOL). From there it went to the one and only BeamerBob (Bobby Muse), and this was the kite as he says that consistently got him over 50 mph on Ivanpah (Very Cool). From there it went to UtahTami who traded a kite with me for this one. I may have the order mixed up and Bobby can correct me if I'm wrong. I think this kite has a really cool and unique history. For that I hate to pass it on, but I don't use it because I'm moving a different direction and I think someone else should own it now. It seems like this kite has had quite a good tour of the US. I have really only bugged with it once and loved it in 14mph wind... killer upwind ability for sure. I can tell you it flies awesome. Extrinsic Value wise I'm hoping to get at around $225 (thats USD) for it, but if anyone is willing to outdo that for its sheer Intrinsic Value due to the awesome history it has, let me know. The Intrinsic Value means more to those of us in he states, but it's still pretty cool. So: PL Reactor II, 3.5m Ready to fly $225 (again thats USD). I will split shipping in the lower 48 of the US, but outside the US shipping will be on the buyer. I believe the lines are Q-line (in good condition) but not sure and am guessing they are 20m, but again not sure... all I can say is that they work. I can also say that it is in good condition with no tears or pinholes that I'm aware of. Shoot me a PM or email. Edit for clarification: Price is US Dollars.
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