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  1. I recently moved to toowoomba from the coast. Have been kitting for several years on the water but am now looking at options in the local area with a mountainboard Got a mountain board and several kites, anyone know of some good spots to go for a run on the mountainboard with a kite? Have tried local ovals but currently they are all littered with goal posts for other sport. Done a bit of downhill but still looking for a good open space for a kite.
  2. Hey all Darling Downs people. It seems there is a growing number of kiters around our area SWEEEETTT means i have someone to buggy with. These are the people i know of, Gareth and his mate Sean, and Glenn. Let me know if your in our area. I probably have the best spot to buggy around here (that i know of). Give me your number so you can come for a fly. More than happy to help newbs and i'm sure i could get some people from brissy to come out for a weekend to help teach you. Cheers Lance
  3. Wow is this year really getting a wriggle on? Counting down the days now till we get to Yeppoon for the annual get together. Easter is the full moon so that equals big tides. The beach is wide anyway but this means extra room to play The tidal creek across the beach is usually a non event this time of the year because of this. I fly into Rockhampton on the 26th March and leave on the 28th of April based at Driftwood right on the beach in Todd Ave. I posted my kites, helmet and armour last Wednesday so it's there ready for when I arrive. (Cheers Bernie for your help in this regard, your a champion ) So guys who else can make it this year.
  4. Good Friday falls on the 19th of April. Chook is already booked in at Driftwood from March 28th until April 26th. Who else is making the trek? Don't forget to RSVP on the event to let everyone know you are coming along
  5. All prices AUD. PANSH Aurora 1 (yellow black, standard) closed cell surf or land kite + bag + 5-line bar - 12m. $250 - REDUCED AirRush Crest 12.5m open-cell snow/land kite + bag only. $120 - REDUCED RRD Type-9 12m LEI + pump + bag + bar and lines (pink/white scheme). $250 Postage negotiable
  6. until
    Well 2016 is well under way and once again we are heading to Yeppoon for Easter. This year the Easter weekend is at the end of March, the 25th to the 28th to be exact, but as usual there will be some of us that stay longer. To be honest, there was only a few of us that showed up last year and although we still had a great time, I hope to see more people there this year.
  7. For all things Marcia Predicting Category 5 now, I think that warrants its own thread. Last nights prediction Tonight's prediction (things are getting serious now.) Creal Reef station is reporting 139km/hr and -25C (something definite strangeness going on near the eye) Hope everyone affected stays safe and comes out the other side OK
  8. speaking of all manner of kiteing. I dont know if I had anything to do with it but ever so slowly more and more little stunt kites started sprouting up in the air where I was on farnborough today was awesome like a mini kite festival bout half a dozen at one time hahaha was very difficuly to not jump over there and smash them all with my big kite I decided I looked like enough of a knob allready tho with the tripods n helmet cams and failing to do the simplest of tricks. but yeah thats awesome that some of you will be here for the 2 weeks I approached the local kiters down in that little wind window that you said do the gki crossing. they only go from gki to farnborough slackers, and they kite down there so people can watch them ...... hahaha *sigh* some people ay hahaha but yeah coastguard gave me a heads up and some advice so next time suns out and steady light wind im going to kite to pumpkin island aka XXXX ISLAND! how good is that?! I had no idea it was in yeppoon and its closer then GKI I reckon those of you that have boards should raid XXXX island maybe its where they keep all the promo girls I could even get my photo with them
  9. We normally stay at the driftwood units. But probably anywhere around that area is good. We usually base ourselves on the beach out the front of the units as its a quiet area of the beach without too many people. The event is defiantly kid and family friendly. Wolfie usually has his buggy trailer there, taking people for rides and we all have small kites that the kids can borrow to static fly if they want. Even if the kids aren't into kiting, they are still at a great beach and holiday town. The only issue is to tell the kids that they need to watch out for the buggies and don't just run across the beach. Hope to see you there in 2014
  10. I've just applied for a job in Brisbane and if successful will need to move to Brizvegas! I have no idea if I will get the job or not but one of the things I need to do is start thinking about where I want to live. The company is located on Upper Edward St in Spring Hill and I'm told it has good access to public transport. Any suggestions of places within a reasonable reach of Brisbane that also offer good opportunity for Kite Buggying? :)
  11. Anyone keen for Kingscliff at lunch time tomorrow? (yeah, I know it's not QLD) http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/coolangatta
  12. ay all so im back from my little year off my car doesnt start and my dogs gone and I apparently didnt fully understand how credit cards worked. anyways so im looking for somewhere that will have most consistant windy days cheap rent (room mate share houses or backpackers) and somewhere to work nightfill at woolies or coles or maybe dishpiging or something I dont know whatever it takes to pay the bills. I got a IT and Construction background with a few supermarket and pizza shop bits when younger. right now I dont really care what I do. I just want to have something to do on my time off. I got maybe a few grand left for my paraglideing licence (cant thucking wait) but once thats done Ill be broke. so wheres best spot in queensland for october november december. im quite familular with airlie brisbane and cairns but im kinda hopeing theres somewhere with better kiteing available. please help us out with a recomendation. just got a 10m bow kite looks like itll be that way for a little while due to funds. anyways thanks heaps. as splocs doesnt seem to reveal to many spots.
  13. Extreme Kites Yeppoon 2013ala "Marty where the bloody hell are ya? 2013" "> Come and experience Kite Buggying in Queensland on the Capricorn Coast with a great group of people! Dates for 2013 are: Friday March 29th (Good Friday) Saturday March 30th Sunday March 31st (Easter) Monday April 1st (Easter Monday) Note: Quite a number of us arrive the weekend before, and stay until the weekend after Easter! Direct Accommodation Rates: Rydges Capricorn Resort: (Approx $220 p/night) (web http://www.capricornresort.com.au) Driftwood Holiday Units: (Approx $140 p/night for 2 people, + $20 extra per person per night) (web http://www.driftwoodunits.com.au) Note about Driftwood Holiday Units: I believe for the Easter dates these units are booked out however ring and check, there is room either side of the Easter Weekend or you may try and jump in a unit that isn't yet full. Those whom have units booked that aren't full may want to post in this discussion. ">
  14. http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/kite_festival.html Not sure if they will allow buggies or even land kites! This looks to be purely a single-line kite event.
  15. Hello peoples, i am heading to townsville on sunday 20th july, and return the following friday night. i am interested in catching up with any kite flyers in and around the townsville area. i am also interested in searching out land kiting venues, beaches, dry lakes, paddocks, parklands, if you think its worth a look, and a fly, let me know. can you fly a kite on castle hill???? i'm going to find out!! I'll be staying at Rowes Bay Caravan Park, Cabin #4, and will have a great view of the afternoon kitesurfers from my cabin window, but would prefer to be flying a kite than watching. Peter
  16. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Townsvillelandkiters/ All welcome!
  17. Hi to the Queenslanders. I am doing a trip up and around Townsville and up to the tip of the gulf leaving Adelaide the end of june, I was wondering if their are beaches or any sand dunes that I can buggy on . most important thing is their many beaches or places that you are not allowed to go to ,due to councils regulations. I look forward to hereing back if their is any great places .CHEERS.
  18. So bit of wind around I'm back for a week we gunna do anything or u'all indisposed I did get a kite in today at Brighton on the surf kite and water wasn't to bad so if ya pull ya fingers out ya dates shell we try an get a bug in or what !!! COMEON ! Let's get over winter blues ya bums!!!
  19. No wind for weeks here in sunny Bundy, anyone down south by anychance had any northerlies come through? Light westerlies and very light SE coming in this avo, so it must be on it's way sometime soon. For those up north, the turn around on the trades happens generally later in the season traditionally. But who knows, the wind is changing as ocean temps change.
  20. It's Back by Popular Demand ..... the Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet for 2012 It will be on from the 6th till the 9th of April which is the Easter long weekend Come and experience simply the best beach for kite buggying on the whole East Coast of Australia with a fantastic crew of kiters, it's a meet you will never forget! Note: Andyfly will be there with us in spirit, Linda and the Flys will be leaving a bit of Andy's spirit behind in Yeppoon on the beach with a sprinkling of ashes. We encourage you take part with fond memories of Andy. Dates for 2012 are: Friday April 6th (Good Friday) Saturday April 7th Sunday April 8th (Easter) Monday April 9th (Easter Monday) Direct Accommodation Rates: Rydges Capricorn Resort: (Approx $220 p/night) (web http://www.capricornresort.com.au) Driftwood Holiday Units: (Approx $130 p/night for 2 people, + $15 extra per person per night) (web http://www.driftwoodunits.com.au) Note about Driftwood Holiday Units: If there is enough of us who have booked units at this location for the meet then we are welcome to use the main BBQ area next to the outdoor swimming pool for the social BBQ night. For anyone unaware, the Driftwood Units is on the same street (Todd Avenue) as the main XK house was on for the last meet and also has it's own ramp on to the beach from the units and a nice large grassed outdoor area for laying out gear. BBQ at Driftwood Units 2011 Foreshore at Driftwood Units Mud Map for those who haven't been before Contact Information To get in contact regarding this Meet / Event please post in this topic or if requiring private correspondence please email to events@windcube.com.au
  21. Hi there to all. I will be visiting Cairns from the 14th Jan for 2 weeks. I was wondering if someone up there may be able to lend me a bug here and there for a few blasts about. Await a reply.
  22. Buggying has now been banned in Pelican park for a number of years now. I think it's time to re-visit the prospect of having it reinstated. Any thoughts?
  23. My girlfriend was trying to talk me into going the the Victorian snow fields the other day (we're in Melbourne). As she obviously expected, I went into my usual rant about what a ripoff the snowfields are and how neither of us are skiers so basically you're just spending a fortune to get cold and wet. I then brought out my well worn opinion that you could afford a week in Queensland for the price of a weekend at the snow here in Vic..... Fell right into her trap So now we're off to Port Douglas and Palm Cove for some days in the sun from September 14 to 20. I really should have seen that coming. Anyway, I'm planning on smuggling a couple of kites along in my suitcase to fend off withdrawal symptoms. (BTW what do you call kite withdrawal? With drinkers it's the DT's....so maybe KT's??) Sorry it's 4am and my mind wanders a bit this time of the morning. Anyway, do any of you QLD locals fly anywhere around Port Douglas? Would be nice to catch up with one or two of you while we're up there. Cheers OBEwan
  24. Goz


    Just checked the forecast looks like it's on again this weekend Capricornia Waters, St Lawrence to Burnett Heads: A strong wind warning has been issued for Saturday night. Saturday: S/SW winds 10/15 knots at first. S/SE winds increasing to 15/20 knots during the afternoon and reaching 20/30 knots offshore in the evening. Seas to 1.2 metres, rising to 2.5 metres at night. Isolated showers. Sunday: S/SE winds 20/25 knots, easing to 15/20 knots during the afternoon. High 10:30am 3.44m Low 4:21pm 0.77m :tongue2:
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