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On 28th January we went to the Rangsdorfer lake just south of Berlin. We ha a couple of weeks temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. The ice was not perfect flat and black but still good enough for us ?. Around 13cm thick ice. The wind was very low at 3-5 knots. Alfred used a 11m Vapor and 14m Yakuza, I used my 12m Diablo and 8m Diablo.

Icebuggy is so nice ... love it !

Are there any frozen lakes in AU or NZ?

Warm regards from Germany




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Thanks @.Joel. Icebuggy is something different and special then the usual drive. It is just a small part of the year where you can do that, then you have to have spare time and also some wind. We where lucky last weekend. In the night from Sunday to Monday we had a 13 cm snow, so the lake will be covered ... not so nice for Icebuggy riding. Thanks 


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Unfortunately there are no frozen lakes here, unless up the snowy ? I've seen some creeks with ice, but id say we just don't get the sustained long cold days. if there ARE frozen lakes here i would like to know. as this is something i also must try !

hey @.Joel id you notice how the vapor (12 year old tech) whipped the diablo ;) . <snigger>

Dan, that looked like the smoothest best fun ever ! I can only imagine what the lack of friction does for acceleration. totally tits mate!

Thanks for posting the video. it is awesome to see what the opposite seasons are like over there. We just got back from Kingston in south australia. It was the polar opposite. hot days with extreme UV levels.




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Hey @Stinka - don't worry about @igeighty. He thought your video was great, he's my husband and I think if he could, he'd exchange me for a Vapor (he was just trolling @.Joel and apparently he took the bait too!) Lovely video and keep safe when the snow comes! My family are in the UK and have been warned of snow in the south! 

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No frozen lakes in the north island of NZ. But I have seen tv programmes of dudes curling on small frozen ponds in South island. I'm not sure if anything big enough would freeze!

How fast can you go on the ice buggy?

The skiers are cranking some crazy speeds close to the buggy world record. I recon the ice buggy could take out the top spot for fastest kite powered craft given the right conditions and location.




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On 02/02/2017 at 3:54 AM, plummet said:

No frozen lakes in the north island of NZ. But I have seen tv programmes of dudes curling on small frozen ponds in South island. I'm not sure if anything big enough would freeze!

How fast can you go on the ice buggy?

The skiers are cranking some crazy speeds close to the buggy world record. I recon the ice buggy could take out the top spot for fastest kite powered craft given the right conditions and location.




Haha, I just looked at that link and your all flying the wrong kites. Top spot is held by a cabrinha crossbow. @Chook @.Joel :rofl: 

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    • By fireflyin
      Well I am writing a review because i am impressed with a small kite, its called an Ozone Flow. The particular one I have is the two meter version, and cost One Hundred and Fifty pounds.

      This sounds like quite alot of money ,but it is quite a lot of kite let me tell you.The handles are covered in neoprene material and the killers are of high quality, it is a very comfy kite to be hold of.

      This kite has dirt-outs at the back of the cells in each corner and this serves well for beach use.

      It is a good looking kite when in the air and has a nice rounded profile to gain maximum performance which it has in spades.

      On a calm day it will launch with ease and the whole family can use it, as it is very steady and controllable for beginners.

      On the other hand I have just got back in from flying the Ozone in winds gusting passed fifteenth mph, and it was a major work out.

      The kite preformed brilliantly in stronger winds, very quick and easy to turn and control in gusty conditions. The power was huge for just a small kite, I weigh thirteen stone and was being dragged round when the Ozone powered up.

      My kite was bought with winter buggying in mind, after today I now know that it would be great to use in high wind conditions for the buggy.

      The Ozone even manages to produce nice lift for such a small kite.

      So over all good for beginners YEP! good for intermediate use YES!! its a mad little kite and would be a credit in any kite portfolio.
    • By jhn.holgate
      This was my first proper power kite. It gave me my first OBE's!! And it's the kite I give to my friends to 'have a go of'. Translation - it gets stacked a lot!! It's been beaten and abused for close to two years and there is no damage at all. When the wind is getting above 20-25mph, this is the kite that I put up. And over 20mph it's a blast in the buggy. It won't win you any competitions in going upwind and it does tend to luff at the edges of the window. It's not as precise a flyer as the Beamers are and it does tend to shake and shudder in the gusts. But it is dependable and I can steer it out of trouble quickly if I need to.

      The bag is nothing fancy, but does the job. The handles and lines are amongst the best in the business. The kite killers are a bit awkward, but work very well. The bridle lines, while not stitched and sleeved like some, have put up with my abuse for nearly two years, so I can't fault them. And the sail itself....well, if I haven't broken it by now...... top marks, Ozone.

      The Imp Quattro likes a bit of brakes to make it turn, it does not respond overly well to just flying by the power lines. Using brakes is probably an inefficient way to fly a kite because you are stalling half the wing to make it turn - or if not stalling, certainly creating a fair bit of drag by deforming the trailing edge. If you turn over-zealously on the brakes, you'll spin the kite and lose your power. But it will turn very quickly with a little bit of brake input nonetheless. And seems to fly very well on a cross over bar too.

      Sometimes applying a little of both brakes can make a kite fly a little slower and with a bit more power. Not with the Quattro, you just end up deforming the trailing edge and eventually stalling the kite.

      Static flying the 2.5m in 6-15mph winds is a lot of fun. Not too much pull, and the power comes on slowly and predictably. Apart from the occasional luff in gusty conditions, it does everything you tell it to. Above 20mph, it's time to get in the buggy!!

      It's an easy kite to fly. It will sit fairly well at the top and edges of the window (unless it's pretty gusty). It's a dependable kite. It's an inexpensive kite and for the money, you can't go far wrong.

      I also own a few Beamer IV's and sure, they are better kites in some respects, but I still enjoy flying the Imp and would be happy to recommend either.

      A good value for money, beginner friendly kite that you can static fly (it's not lifty) and also makes a good buggy engine too.
    • By nitro42b
      I sat down on my computer one day mad at the world for all the wind we have in South Dakota when I decided to make good use of it and search online for a kite to buy. This was the day that changed my life forever. I hopped on ebay and started searching and sure enough I started finding all sorts of big monstrous kites...now this got me intrigued so I started digging deeper and stumbled across a whole world of kitesurfing, snowkiting, landboarding, and videos of people performing unbelievable jumps with their kites. So I did what anyone with a little money burning a whole in their pocket would do...I bought my first kite!
      I found an Ozone Samurai 3m on ebay and after a nice little bidding war I emerged the winner of my very first kite!!! What a day! Now I just had to survive until it arrived in the mail...I was sure that day would never come, but it did at last.
      When I first opened the package there it was a small red and black backpack with the words Ozone Samurai 3 on it, Beautiful. The person must have been in a big hurry to pack it up after taking the ebay pics though because it took forever to untangle the lines. I cant say enough about the quality of the kite though, I mean bravo to Ozone. This kite is beautiful and you can feel the durability in the material, its great.
      My first day out:
      The kite was very simple to put together, a quik glance at the instructions and 5 min. later I was ready to fly. The kite came with handles so learning to control it was the easiest thing I have done. The wind was a steady 10mph and when I pulled back on the handles away she went strong and gracefully into the air.
      Keep in mind I knew nothing of flying these kites until that day so I just started playing with the handles until I got the hang of things. I did make the mistake once of trying to put it up right in the middle of the window in 16+mph winds...HUGE MISTAKE!!! I had some pretty good road rash from that since it drug me from the soccer field to the parking lot in 2 seconds. This thing pulls like a freight train!!! They call it a beginner kite, only if you start off in nice calm light winds.
      I have smashed this thing into the ground numerous times, wrapped it around a tree, and beat up a fence. No rips, no tears, nothing this thing is unbelievably durable. And if you end up flipping it around a few times its so easy to get it right again just pull one of the handles whichever direction you need to rotate it and it does the rest itself. I have never had a complaint about this kite, not even when it tore the skin off my arm.
      The other day I took it out in 14+mph gusts and surprisingly got in my first couple, small and probably a little pathetic, jumps. But, man what a rush. I will never sell this kite! It has huge pulling power, it turns fast, easy to control, and its Ozone quality!!! I recommend everyone should add this kite to their collection, you wont be disappointed!
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