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Found 10 results

  1. 2x old school Peter Lynn bars for sale. 1st: zero 7 bar only $60 plus postage (info below) 2nd: original Peter Lynn bar and lines $50 plus postage (info below) or both bars for $90 plus postage 1st: Zero 7 bar only. excellent condition. large size with adjustable width bar ends. 57cm, 62cm or 67cm 2nd: original peter Lynn bar with lines. This is an very old school bar, that has the centre depower line running through a bracket on the bar, rather then through the bar. The lines are in average condition, but still usable.
  2. Decided that l needed a kite the same colour as my Fauchi. Thought about making one but then came across the Peter Lynn lifter. Its a 2 sq mtr kite which will be more than big enough for the little dragon. At $60 US why would l build. Comes in a little bag about the size of a footy. Real easy to store anywhere. Thought ld get Thomas to plank for size. Got the ldea from JH.? Kite unfolds out to be quite a good size. Once you pull out all the bridle work you realise this is a very well made kite. As you would expect from the Peter Lynn makers.
  3. It's no secret that I have spent a bit of time modifying and generally farcing about with the peter lynn f-arcs, so I thought that it was time to put all the info into one place, so that others can learn from my experience. Some of the mods below were created by other people, the rest I have adapted or created entirely myself. But all the mods that I'll list have been performed and tested on my own kites to confirm that they are safe and functional. Original Tip Cut Mod: Original tip cut.pdf Alternative Tip Cut Mod: farc tip cut alternative.pdf VPC Bridle Mod: farc VPC mod.
  4. Brand new Peter Lynn Zero 7 control bar and lines. $80 o.n.o. (+postage) The bar came with a peter Lynn venom2 I picked up this week and is brand new and all original. the bar is 52cm wide and the lines are approx 24m long this is an old school bar with detachable chicken loop and safety leash that runs to a steering line. It was the first of the bars that allowed you to spin the bar to untwist the lines. this bar in its current configuration would ONLY suit someone wanting a bit of old school nostalgia, or parts to build a modern bar. (Bar, trim strap, lines) Or
  5. On 28th January we went to the Rangsdorfer lake just south of Berlin. We ha a couple of weeks temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. The ice was not perfect flat and black but still good enough for us ?. Around 13cm thick ice. The wind was very low at 3-5 knots. Alfred used a 11m Vapor and 14m Yakuza, I used my 12m Diablo and 8m Diablo. Icebuggy is so nice ... love it ! Are there any frozen lakes in AU or NZ? Warm regards from Germany Daniel
  6. Test Report on the Peter Lynn UNIQ QUAD Single-skin power kite, 4.5m2 version on 2 handles/quad lines Just for something different, I tried a single-skin kite, this one an offering from the Peter Lynn stable. Photos courtesy of Peter Lynn Kitesports (On account of I was too lazy to photograph my own-same size, same colour) TEST LOCATION & CONDITIONS Inland NSW, on a large, open sports complex Temp 27ºC Wind E to NE, 1 to 12kts, mostly around 5-6 kts. Static flying only. No buggy or board COMPARISON KITES HQ Toxic 5m2 Zebra Z1 3
  7. .Joel

    Peter Lynn Vapor

    The Peter Lynn Vapor currently at the time of writing this is most likely the best-known race kite, however when I first started flying the Vapor it was the new kid on the block. After years of flying a large variety of race kites I consistently find myself coming back to the Vapor for it’s predictability and ease of use resulting in much more confidence in flying the kite in its upper wind range. To really get to know how a race kite performs you really do need to fly it at its upper wind range as they just come alive. Lets start with the Kite Bag, it’s simple and I love it. I
  8. I was never going to be able to afford a proper race buggy so I had to look at ways of upgrading my humble Peter Lynn comp XR+ ... standard Peter Lynn Comp XR+ My buggy now has the Peter Lynn 140cm gigastrong axle, longer and stronger side rails, a custom made back rest and 6 ply highway rated radial tyres. beefed! Compared to one of my previous buggies of lust, the Sysmic S2 it is a very similar size (length and width) and has the same sought of footprint, but overall it is still a lot lighter in
  9. Ok, I'm Belgian and it's difficult to me to write in english but i try. I bought a peter lynn buggy because i searched a little buggy to enter in a small car. The materials are goods, all in stainless steal, the building is very fast. 1 little problem for me is the bearing in the fork...it isn't in stainless steal and i think after a lot of hard session you must change this bearing. For exemple LIBRE fork sprinter is without bearing and the turning sensation is the same. The seat...is very uncoomfortable...after 2 hours riding i have problem to my back. I make an artisanal back rest w
  10. Ok, I cant really fully pass comment on my 13m Scorpion yet, however I have done about 3 hours back to back flying the 13m Scorpion and 16m VII. Wind conditions was 15mph avg with gusts up to 20mph, inland location so fairly shifty wind. Hope this helps people choose if they are thinking of investing in either the Scorpion or VII, or have a VII and are considering upgrading to the Scorpion. Speed: So this time I got going on the board on it and god damn it is so fast compared to the 16m VII, like a Ferrari being raced against a pick up truck! Was easily traveling twice as fast a
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