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  1. Went on my 2012 3 week Portugal kitesurf trip and had a new company in the world of kiteboard building going by the name of NAVIS post me out their signature freestyle board for demo. Being based in Sweden (and during their bank holiday period) I was pleased they went to the trouble. This board was very much worth the trouble. Built from a solid wood core (Paulownia wood from Slovenia) and Bio-Epoxy from the US this board is very environmentally friendly, as well as a dream to use. Weighing in at 2.55kg this is a pretty light board too, making smooth transitions o
  2. Kites Tested 8,10,12,14 2011 RPM (2011-2012 remodelling, virtually none apart from GFX and very minor tweaks to bridle lengths) CSS Bar & Lines remain the same. The Slingshot RPM was introduced into the LEI line-up of Slingshot in 2009, to bring the out-and-out grunt of the Slingshot ‘C’ FUEL together with the water-relaunchability, safety and overall manageability of an SLE/Hybrid kite. It can be noticed quite easily the kite inherits the mandatory ‘square’ old-school LEI wingtips of the conventional ‘C’ kite but with a full leading edge bridle array of an SLE. M
  3. This review will be biased towards myself, being a heavyweight rider at 20st so may not reflect what others may find. Generally the composite and design overviews wont be, that much. Prices : Nobile 2HD £599 4kg Complete Shinn Monk2 £549 3kg Complete The board build designs are completely different. The 2HD has a Dual Concave underbelly enabling early and super fast glide. Plus with a flat progression rocker and being as stiff plank you can put oodles of weight (or pressure if you will) into the foot-straps and the board will retain it’s sha
  4. Interesting solution Rich, I'm very tempted by the latest gopro... Thank you for sharing.
  5. I have tried several HD video cameras and settled on the GoPro HD Hero, being a robust, reliable and waterproof camera. I have experimented with a few different mounts but settled on a home grown design which works great for me and is pretty cheap! The setup consists of a stainless steel Munsen type bossed pipe clip (the item number on eBay UK is 110839368621) which cost me £6.77 with free postage, and a 200 mm length of stainless steel M10 threaded rod (the item number for this on eBay UK is 251044768989) and this cost £3.59, again with free postage.
  6. I got my Ozone Access SB (Spreader Bar) Harness as a Christmas present last year. Before the harness I could only manage about two hours and I would have to give up. After 4 Months of buggying without a harness I swear my arms were both a couple of centimeters longer than when I started kiting! Mark's arms had grown longer since he started kiting! The harness is designed like a rock climbing harness, with ergonomically designed leg straps to prevent it riding up. It has loads of padding in the legs and back-straps and the spreader is attached to the leg stra
  7. I have owned my Peter Lynn Competition XR+ for nearly 6 months now and have been lucky enough to get out with it in varying conditions regularly so have had a good opportunity to put it through its paces… I looked into various options when hunting for a bug, including getting one shipped from the UK – the choice in Australia and my budget limited me to as what I could get. Eventually, after much research, opted for the comp XR+ – ordered it online to be shipped to Perth from Brisbane. Delivery was set to take a week to ten days. I arrived at the depot, dock
  8. RaceKites

    Peter Lynn Core 3M

    Great review Mark, these look like interesting kites !!
  9. RaceKites

    Ozone Flow 5m

    I have had my 5m Ozone Flow about a month now and have flown it about 5 or 6 times, so here are my impressions – I had it delivered to work, so spent some time in the office rummaging through the bag, instructions and warranty form, stickers, key ring (bottle opener) now on keys, handles with strop and kite killers attached and the lines on a winder. Very impressed with the colour of the kite – I have a thing about red. Put it back in the bag, got it out again had a feel and a smell, put it away again – can I go home yet? The first week after it was delivered it rained
  10. Tide Planning Application for Iphone/Ipad/Ipod - £2.99 / Free version with limited functionality Good Bits: Handy sliders allow you to set the tide height for your favorite beach and see exactly when you can board or buggy.Extended tidal information for France. Bad Bits: Most information available for free elsewhere, just not as convenient.You might have to purchase additional licenses to see UK extended tide times. I bought this app when planning a buggying trip to France, as I was unable to find tide times for France for dates more than a few days ahead. In th
  11. RaceKites

    PKD Brooza MKIII

    Thanks Rich, that's a nice review !!
  12. My first impressions of the Hornet was that of a quality kite. From the back pack, lines,handles,kite killers,ground stake and sheath, and the kite itself. The bridles look strong and of quality make, and the kite looks well made, and as its a kite made for beginners to the more experienced, I could see it is strong enough to take some battering from a newbie. I have the 2,3,4, 6 and 8m Hornets and love em, Ive been powerkiting for 10 years now, started back in 2000, and have tried lots of different kites over the years for boarding and buggying. At the a
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