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    Ozone Control Bar



    The lime light for the Ozone control bar was shone over the Flexifoil bar. A first impression with the bar was amazement and confusion. I was recommended this bar and I am glad I took up the advice. The control bar has been designed for use with the Ozone samurai as any other four-line kite. The 65cm version has been designed for kite 4m-7m. This article is primarily based upon the use with the Radsail 3m and the beamer 7m. I bought the bar from skymonster.com a very reputable company who I have dealt with several times. Upon delivery I could not wait to get it out and have a look at it. Being the first time to use a bar I was unsure how to set it up and what some of the features did.






    What you read and see in the photos is what you get. The bar is built solid with an EVA foam grip; the bar has Line winders on each end of the bar which easily holds 25m of line (tested with Radsail line). The line winders also have a securing device which can be used to quickly adjust and keep the leader lines safely away from your hands while steering. The bar also has a main Harness loop with safety quick release. Added to this nice piece of kit is an Ozone Kite Killer. The bar also has a central pulley system to allow the brake lines to run freely during especially during aggressive steering. What is real clever is the one Handed reverse launch system. This allows the kite to recover and re-launch (with ease). It is very clever; just one pull quickly and easily flips the kite the right way up.


    In action


    The first time I connected the control bar was to the Radsail 3m. The wind was fairly high 25mph-ish so the Beamer 7m stayed in the bag.


    It handled beautifully. The turning was superb very fluid, breaking with the one pull system was nice the Radsail dropped out of the sky. With the reverse launch system, it handled beautifully, flipped around just like it should.


    The second flight was on the second day, the wind was about 15mph just right for the beamer 7m. so I attached t o the beamer. Because of the slow turning of the beamer I was a little scared and pessimistic about this flight.




    Ha Ha it flew amazingly. I could not believe it the beamer totally surprised me. Not once did it luff, not once did it do something that I did not what it to and not once did it fly overhead to much that it lost power. Since the turning was better than on handles I do not think I will need to adopt the cross over system.


    The reverse launch system again worked magnificently. Controlling the beamer to the side of the window and holding it they while I walked up wind worked so well, his was something that was difficult with handles. This bar is soild.


    Set up

    A : Power linesB : Break linesC : Pulley system to equalise the breaking systemD : Yellow handle (pull this forward to release breaking system. Pull this backwards to activate the reverse launch.)E : Red handle (pull this back to activate the breaking system.)F : Main harness loop.G : Quick release fro the main harness loop. (Pull the red tab and you are free.)H : Kite killer (a must safety system.)I :Bungee cord to hold in excess line and winding system.



    By : PastorJase

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    Just a word of warning about the ozone sam bar i have just returned from a trip to my local heath to my despair while flying a Radsail 3m in about 15-20mph winds the Central webbing trim system failed just below the pulley unit all the stitching had snapped when the bar was taken out of my hands and i was left attached to the kite killer, the kite came down but i then had to chase the kite across a road as the bar was being dragged. i will be seeking advice as to why this happened from retailer i got it from as this is the first decent bit of wind the bar has been used inand is only 2 weeks old.Will let you now what is said.

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