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  1. $125 +postage SOLD Brand New from the Peter Lynn factory in NZ. This was purchased as a spare, but has never even been unfolded in the years I have had it, so it’s time to move it along to someone who wants it. These kites are the fastest arcs ever produced and are legendary. Kite only. No bag. No spars. No pigtails/leaders Spars can be made from fibreglass tent poles and I can supply measurements for making pigtails.
  2. $300 +postage Peter Lynn Synergy 12m (kite and bag only) Great condition. All original zips still work. Original spars Original bag Canopy material is still bright colours and crispy fabric.
  3. FREE!!!!! SOLD NOT COMPLETE PARTS/MATERIAL ONLY DOES NOT FLY! If anyone wants an 18m Phantom to cut up and copy the wing profiles, just pay the postage and it’s yours. This was a 2nd hand kite that I got a while ago. But after replacing the zips, I found that the webbing is breaking down and it’s not safe to fly. I have removed the new zips and one wingtip to make a bit of wall art for my kite storage room. The rest of the kite is there and would be perfect for someone wanting to learn/copy the secret wing profile of the legendary phantom.
  4. 15m flysurfer speed3 $400 on Facebook marketplace. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/343358331058266/
  5. How long are you in yeppoon for mate? I’m heading up on early Friday morning.
  6. last year I was the only one that showed up and it looks like the same situation this year. Im still going to head up for a week at Easter and stay at basils place. Hopefully there is some more wind this year 🤞💨
  7. @Mr. jones I am a buggier and live in brisbane (caboolture) The bad news is, most beaches around brisbane are not great for buggy. They are either small/narrow or very busy with people. Bribie is you best option, on the southern tip. This is where @Jason, from BrisKites, set the Australian speed record a few years ago. Or the 4wd beach at Bribie, but this gets very busy with traffic. guys used to also go to the Brighton/Sandgate when the tide was out or the park at Murrarrie. if you are southside, the nearest “good” beach is Kingscliff. Or if you are really keen, airforce beach evans head. It’s a 25km long beach with very little 4wd traffic. This is where I grew up and learnt to kite. It is an amazing spot. If you are northside, you need to travel well past the Sunshine Coast to escape the crowds and 4wd traffic. honestly, when I moved to Brisbane 7yrs ago I basically gave up the buggy and learnt to kiteboard. I now only buggy at Easter, when I travel up to yeppoon to enjoy some of the best beaches in Australia for kite buggying.
  8. Great to see someone new getting in to the sport. It really is a fantastic hobby, that I truely wish was more popular that video reminds me so much of when I started out kiting. Struggling with the gusty inland winds on the local sports fields and I think that is the same kite I started on too. Yellow HQ Beamer ❤️ @.Joel, do you a HD ek logo file that could be used in future videos?
  9. Wow, that horizon lock works great. gone are the days of getting motion sickness watching a video from a kite mounted camera.
  10. That’s why the weather on the east coast has turned to crap, @Pari has a new kite. 😉 It looks good mate. Can’t wait for a full review.
  11. Look open cell depower kites. Probably around the 8m mark to start with. kites like the ozone access are ideal. try to buy a kite that come with the original bar. A lot of the land based kites have different safety systems then water based kites.
  12. the old Peter Lynn F-arcs usually get a fly when I buggy at Easter. for kitesurfing my go to kites are still the peter Lynn venom2’s or flysurfer speed 3’s. All of them great kites, which I can’t justify replacing just yet. Now where is @nigel with his old c-quads 😂
  13. Absolute bargain 9m sonic 2 for only $150!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/567372513400899/permalink/2029727497165386/
  14. The PL nova is their all round kitesurfing kite. the aero is PL’s race kite. But I think the R1 is still faster.
  15. The time and patience it takes to build something like that is incredible. Not knowing if the end product will even work I have build 2 kites now and I don’t think I will ever do another.
  16. Dirt surfer $150 in Brisbane https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/unavailable-product/?refsrc=deprecated
  17. Only the standard wide tyre will fit inside a narrow PL fork. the wide tyres that still fit the standard PL plastic rims were called midi’s I can’t remember the sizes of the top of my head. Maybe @Chook can help.
  18. HQ kites are gone. The Montana’s were great kites.
  19. andy666

    Juice D-Lab

    Nice. 👌 Inflato kites have finally caught up to what foil kites were doing 10+yrs ago. 😆
  20. andy666

    Chasing Axle

    I have 1 (maybe 2) spare if you need. Give me a call and can sort out getting it to you.
  21. 13m venom 2 going cheap https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/buderim/other-sports-fitness/kite-surf-kite/1275415923?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=com.apple.uikit.activity.copytopasteboard
  22. I don’t ride waves, only a bit of choppy water when the wind picks up and I use my 138 board for that. The centre fin is only 8cm. Because the board rides with the back foot pushing the board down more the the front, the centre fin is only as low as the back foot fin. (Maybe even less)
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