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  1. There is a guy in France I believe that sells depower set up for pl vapors. Maybe his setup would work on the Cerberus. To be fair the Cerberus is an awesome fixed bridle race kite, I used one in a pka race against a vapour and beat it and have the first 10m proto and love it.
  2. Sadly I've no experience of this kite. After modifying my 8m Adam to depower successfully, I'd love a go on one of these. Maybe some time in the future I'll treat myself, sadly paragliding has taken over...ooops.
  3. You put it better than I could. Both in a buggy or foil.
  4. Been itching to get the Mrs and dog on the sup with a kite just for a laugh.
  5. No. Speed 3s don't count As I said, each to their own. I enjoy bottom end foiling, sea being pond like and having it all to myself as it takes a different skill set. I don't want to have nothing to do mid summer living next to the beach just because I only want to use a 10 lei.
  6. How much foiling have you done with an 18m race foil kite? The guys at my beach kite all year round on one 10m lei which is great, but does limit summer days kiting. I'm still very much a noob on my home made foil but I'm able to do consistent runs upwind and down wind in 6 to 8. As I progressed this year I was able to cut harder up wind and down, downwind is more challenging but very much possible as I am reminded by the only other 2 guys that foil/foil cutting so fast down wind even to me it seems magical. In the end each to their own I guess. I'm happy to push my lim
  7. Tis a shame. 6 to 8kts of wind and I'm foiling while others look on waiting for stronger winds. In the buggy I can get going in less wind. Big foil kites are amazing.
  8. 35kts is a walk the dog day.
  9. I have rc gliders. Flown for 20 years, but now just sat in the loft. Now that I've taken up paragliding and use the same slopes I don't think the gliders will ever be flown again.
  10. I'd suck at that. But looks like fun
  11. Hey peeps. Just wondered what else you guys do for fun? Anyone have as short an attention span as myself? Kite skates to kite buggy to kite surfing to kite foiling and now this......it's just getting silly. Lol
  12. Had to have a go. Wanted to try loads of techniques, materials with the aim of a fast board and it actually worked too.
  13. I'm using pine for the structure. Light and strong and fairly cheap too
  14. Hey hey peeps. Think this needs an update. So.......after 2 failed attempts last year and only getting back to it 3ish weeks ago here's the progress....... Well, the foil works....really well. It's not fast but it's pretty stable and I have been able to learn on it. It has a steady stall and you feel it before it lets go at very low speeds. It's lack of sharp edges means so far only bruising but no cuts on impact. But it also sings but I've seen production ones do that too. Overall I am really happy with it. It owes me £200 and is strong sturdy and stif
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