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  1. Mate it not the crocs I have to worry about. It's thosr pesky Rangers. I have to contend with Or else I still be buggy kiting
  2. Yeah mate Update: all major parts are there.just missing around 7bolts 3 bolts needed for the back axle 4 bolts needed for the goose neck
  3. Ok helloguys Been a long time Wanting to sell Libra super Truck Buggy just sitting in garage doing nothing I do know wheels still good but seized berating And asking for $800 I am located in Darwin My new phone number is 0405136610 Any one currently kitebuggy in darwin
  4. hey all just want some kite handles with no kite killers will to pay a reasonable amount. the kite i be using would be using is a PL reactor 2.8 (i think been so long) thx guys
  5. yeah as the titile says i have a libre super truck II to sell as i dont KB anymore and its just sitting there doing nothing i might aswell offload to some one who is keen and still has a passion for this great sport * stainless steel frame * long axle * euro trax wheels (but Seized bearing) i will post pics up tomorrow if people are interested currently living in katherine My Ph: 0467275520 $1500 ONO thank you guys may the wind be strong & constant !
  6. I laughed when I saw this again what a character. with a wee bit of knob syndrome what was those miniature roller blades again I remember him saying that they were going to take over the world onya A.S
  7. may you be chasing wind devils forevermore rest in peace andy
  8. hey guys so im getting the itch again after a year of not flying and doing f all took my kite out today and had a great time so the question i would like to know are the zebra kites any good or are they a rebranded pansh cheers guys
  10. peter thats a bloody bargain if i didnt buy cutthroats i probably buy the yak. if its still not sold in 2 weeks i take it off ya hands
  11. you need security screens in Palmerston Goz The house looks awersome mate plenty of room to pitch a tent when i come to Darwin
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