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  1. Thanks Steve, I'll see if I can dig that one out of the archives and repost. That is still my favorite all around kite. It's just so versatile.
  2. I haven't kited for a long time, but I preferred the normal nasa stars to the street star I briefly tried out. I have many hours on the NS2's both buggy and longboard / skateboard. They are easily flown one handed using the standard 2 line bar. I used them for buggy on grass and harnessed on the 3 line bar and used them to longboard on asphalt using the normal 2 line bar and not harnessed. usually 3-5m lines for longboard and long lines in buggy since I was on grass.
  3. I wish we were neighbors. You have all the cool skate / kite stuff.
  4. Nope. Tea. Iced tea of course. It's summer here. Joel I might be interested. Can you take a pictures inside and out?
  5. ssayre


    That's awesome. Would love to try that out.
  6. Now that's funny. I just spit my tea out.
  7. That's what I like so well about this site. I don't use any third party for posting pictures here. Just click and drag images from my desk top. I had to use photobucket on pkf because I was never smart enough to embed pictures directly in the post without it. Either way, I could care less if I live on through my kite pictures posted and definitely won't pay photonucket. It was always awful to use. The only other forum I post pictures to is weber kettle club and that's because i can post pictures direct from my phone using their app. Ha, just learned I can upload direct from my phone her
  8. Cobra kites in the USA have something called a speedfoil rm6 that looks like a replica. I've never flown either one so I don't know how it compares but they look they same or very similar.
  9. Unfortunately no wind today or for the better part of the coming week. I probably won't get another opportunity to test until next weekend. Damn the wind dependency.
  10. the depower works, its similar to a peak. trailing edge flutters without tension but you lose all steering depowered. Not unlike trying to turn a depower with the bar all of the way out. It turns solely by the back lines so without tension it doesn't turn. flying unhooked, you have to find the sweet spot between power and depower. Almost like flying a nasa on 4 line without z bridle but different. I don't think the depower is that usable unless flown hooked in which I have not done. I would guess it would be a dream for those with hard pack beach or beach pathway that can cruise lon
  11. Are you talking about a regular fat tire bicycle? Only guessing but I think it would be extremely difficult.
  12. No, wind was about perfect. I would guess 10-12 mph wind with gusts higher. You really can't street kite overpowered because you can only lean so far before wheels will slip. 4m is a great size for longboard. A 2.5m and 4m is about all you need. I've been using nasa kites and longboard for years. I've always that it was an under rated discipline.
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