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  1. Viron is sold. Smart kite is pending sale.
  2. Viron is still available at this stage Photos below:
  3. I also have a Flysurfer Peak 4 8m for sale as new $650 kite/bag only. SOLD
  4. Hi All I have a bunch of kites and so little free time to fly them, so they're looking for a new home! I can provide photos on request. All kites have no damage or repairs and are in good working order. Pick up in Canberra or I might be able to post elsewhere or potentially deliver to Sydney. 1. Flysurfer Peak 4 11m snow kite like new $750 kite/bag only 2. Concept Air Smart 2 4.5m depowerable snow kite used excellent condition $250 kite/bag only. PENDING 3. Ozone manta 2 10m snow kite used good condition $350 complete with bar/lines no bag. PENDING 4. Flysurfer viron used good condition 4.0m $300 complete with bar/lines/bag. SOLD 5. Ozone Yakuza 8.6m like new $250 kite/bag only I can potentially also provide bar/lines for the above kites with additional cost. Thanks Tim
  5. Great video! You have been getting excellent conditions this year - I'm very jealous that I am not around to help you guys track it all out. Nice gliding too!
  6. I'll buy this kite from you. Please let me know what number to contact you on, you don't seem to be checking your PMs.
  7. Hi Guys I am looking to sell my Ozone Yakuza 8.6m. It has only ever been flown static or skiing and only ever in light-moderate wind. It has never seen the type of speeds it is built for because I simply don't have enough weight to hold this thing down in anything other than light-moderate wind (I don't buggy). I have only flown this kite 5 times since I bought it new. It is in almost mint condition really. It is very stable and flies perfectly as it did when new. It has never been crashed or damaged. The following photos were taken over 2 years ago and I have flown it once in super light wind on the snow since: I am happy to take newer photos if you like but I guarantee it is the same condition - perfect. It is kite and bag only and I am looking for $450 plus postage. Of course this is an excellent kite for buggying but I found it also great for backcountry snowkiting when the wind is too light for depowerables to fly properly. It is a seriously sweet kite and I will be sorry to see this one go! Tim
  8. The problem you will find is that raw postage cost to europe or russian federation for a 7m Frenzy complete is $138 using Oz post from the east coast. Bigger kite wil cost more again...
  9. skier


    Hey I don't know anything really about snowkiting spots in Canada but let me know if you are keen to drop by and wash my dishes anytime, i'll let you do it for free!
  10. Its on eBay now, so I will let the auction run its course. I think it will sell for more than $500, but i could well be wrong..
  11. Hey mate The spots I know of in switzerland are Simplonpass, La Thuile, on the lake at St Moritz, Bernina Pass. I think the reason you are having trouble finding out info about the local guys is that there are not too many of them! I have not heard of anyone kiting at Zermatt but it is such a great ski area, don't worry about kiting when you are there... I wouln't take kites at all. Simplonpass has a lot of small hills when i was there in a bad season it doesn't look so great but I can imagine it would be pretty good with a lot of snow. Don't count on it being kiteable without a couple of metres at least. The road is excellent getting up into there, one of the best mountain pass roads. Don't know about the bus but an easy train to Brig. There is a spot at the top of La Thuile (IT) / La Rosiere (FR) but i think it is a pretty small area. The lake at St Moritz is flat and hard but you can ride downhill in the morning and then kite in the afternoon once the wind has come up. You can watch the early kiters struggling on the lake from the Corvatsch gondola and get a few more runs in until you see them a bit more powered up. Norway is the go though if you are going to be there in March. If you get a DNT membership you can stay at mountain lodges fully catered for cheap and have a great time. Easter is prime time for ski touring in those mountains, normally heaps of snow at easter so no worries in march. Days would be quite short earlier in the year. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more detailed info.
  12. The boss says I have too many kites, and she's right... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll ... 0850594263
  13. Found a use for this one, no longer for sale
  14. Offers considered. This kite has not been flown for a year...
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