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  1. The videos with NASA stars show these are stable kites which make me think that these are excellent and good value for money. Would a NASA Star4 in 4 or even 5.5 metres be good choices. Would I need at least a 5.5 metres. I have reorganised my Peter Lynn buggy and put a Kayak Seat “Seak”, tied to the side rails with steel hose clamps, once the straps are adjusted correctly, It feels much better, with a good back rest, a bit on the side which stabilises the body.
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies. I have not flown for a few years, sold my foils, kept the buggy and two stunt kites attached to each other which I flew on thirteenth beach a few weeks ago at moderate speed getting my confidence back. Only two lines, simple, moderate speed perfect for me. I saw the Ozone Explore V2 on utube. Single skin and the tips not folding and thought could be ok, the bar will be new to me! thanks for the advice the 6 mtr will be better. It appears that only kite power from Sydney sells these!
  3. Hi experts, years ago I did some kite buggying in Elwood and thirteenth beach. I am coming back to buggying. Where are the good places to kite buggy in Victoria. Are the videos at Sandy Point on the front beach off beach parade or on Shallow inlet. I appreciate any guidance from your experiences. I am thinking of getting a 4 metre Ozone Explore V2, is it a good kite.
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