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Name every kite buggy!


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Hi, I need some help building a list of EVERY kite buggy ever made
If you can name a buggy not on the list below please pop it in as a reply! :) 

(P) = Production Buggies that were available to be ordered.
(U) = Unique Buggies that were home built or one-offs.
(NFI) = No idea, let me know! :D 

Arctic Ice Buggy (U)
Cameleon Iguana (NFI)
Cameleon Pogona (NFI)
Eliot Virus (NFI)
Eolo Radsails Buggy (P)
Flexifoil Original (P)
FMF Ice Buggy (NFI)
GT-Race Radical (P)
GT-Race Rapide FL (P)
GT-Race Rapide ++ (P)
Ivanpah Race Buggy (NFI)
Kite Trike 3 (P)
Libre Dragster (P)
Libre Hardcore (P)
Libre Magestic (P)
Libre Protask (P)
Libre Supertruck (P)
Libre VMax Full Race (P)
MG Aero (P)
MG Aerobic (P)
MG Reverse (NFI)
MG Simplex (P)
MG Supra (P)
MG Vertical (P)
Montreal Suspension Buggy (U)
Ozone Stealth (P)
Parastorm Typhoon II (P)
Parastorm Gobi (U)
Peter Lynn Bigfoot (P)
Peter Lynn Comp (P)
Peter Lynn Comp II (P)
Peter Lynn Folding (P)
Peter Lynn F-Lynn (NFI)
Peter Lynn Race (P)
Peter Lynn Rally (P)
PTW Cheetah (U)
PTW Crab (NFI)
PTW Couger (P)
PTW Dominator (P)
PTW Fandango (NFI)
PTW Panther  (NFI)
PTW Prowler (NFI)
PTW Superbug (U)
RS Buggy (NFI)
Scorpion Race (NFI)
Sysmic S1 (P)
Sysmic S2 (P)
Sysmic S3 (P)
Trickbitz Dust Devil (U)
Trickbitz Tornado (P)
VFlex (NFI)
Viper EVO 1 (NFI)
Viper Legara (NFI)
VTT Black Widow (U)
VTT Cricket XL (U)
VTT (Stinger) (U)
Wooden Buggy (U)
XXTreme Apexx (P)
XXTreme Simbug (NFI)
XXTreme Racer (P)

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Found this too: 


@123matt @Tiger37 @RedSky 

Huge thanks for the contributions above, I may have gotten some wrong in the process, they'll fix themselves as I work through the list :) 

The production buggies in the list will go to pre-populating some drop-down menus across reviews and other buggy areas.  And it'll serve as an indicator of how many buggies we're missing from the gallery ( https://www.extremekites.org/gallery/category/6-buggy/ ) 😂

From next month Extreme Kites will have 1TB of web space assigned to it, I'll post more about how it can be utilised when that happens :D 

If anyone else has any more feel free to contribute :good:

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