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  1. We are Having a clear out. We have a Selection of Race Class Seats - Cut Parts. Will fit Cameleon, Vmax, Tornado,1 Tornado 2 Most PTW Buggies etc.... 1) In various states of cut Parts/ Can make up with black outer Grey, Burgundy and Green Inners 2) 1 Blue outer (black inner black straps) 3) 1 Black outer (black inner black straps) Limited one time price £95 plus postage which is £5.95 (uk) If no interest we will be disposing of, they are taking up valuable space etc... We also have 1 Pink Typhoon Seat which can be made up with a burgundy inner. £105 plus postage at
  2. Probably the Best little buggy there is, and i would say that as its Mine! Converted by Andy Man into a two in one LandSailer/ Kite Buggy. Originated as a Flexi Mk 2, a new flat swan neck and specially designed forks replaced the originals, this allows a Sail mast to be mounted via a the mast holder, which is braced to the rear axle. Takes a Std Potty Mast (included in Sale) this cost £160 and a Gun Windsurfing Sail as shown in Picture, i think i have another sail as well would have to confirm this though. When used as a kite buggy it is almost unflipable, its very stable, nicely b
  3. Bump. I could not resist. It all started here 10 years ago! Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. Jon and Helen Kite Buggy, Parakart Rear Axle Bags,BUGGY BAGS, BUGGYBAGS, BUGGY BAG, KITE,KITE BUGGY,SIDE RAIL COVERS,OZONE,TSG, TOTAL SPLASH GUARD, TOTAL SPLASH GUARDS,TSG, TSR, TAILORED SIDE RAIL COVERS, LANDBOARDERS KIT BAG, LAND BOARDERS KIT BAG, BAG, TRANSIT B
  4. 2.6m Cooper Race Kite Orange with two white stripes Really good condtion, flys well £45ono kite only Post and Pack £5.5 mail kitebuggybagman@buggybags.co.uk
  5. kite in really good condition, nice yellow and blue combination £150 ono Post and Pack £ 5.5 Mail : kitebuggybagman@buggybags.co.uk
  6. Put them on longer lines to start with, 20 minimum longer if you have a set. if you got two sets of 15's double them up, nothing wrong at all with long lines for recreational flying especially if you not got a set of 20-25's going spare. Short lines good for racing but 1/2 the power of the kite, hence you can fly a larger kite on shorter lines. Keep them slightly braked up and dont go out in strong winds to start with. remember though if you got long lines, there is much more of a window, the power will be on for a long time, which can be great fun, but not so good if you lose control.
  7. Transaction did not quite complete. Axle is still availalbe
  8. Well you know what i would go for, Older kites are excellent value, Razor, Nitros, Centuries, Bora 2's and JOJO, Raptors to name a few.
  9. best with alittle bit of power, but if front end washes out, or loses grip add more weight to the front, if back end slides out first add more weight there. Before adding an weights though move the seat forward or back to help distribute the weight, you might not need to add any extra.
  10. Seat is being started this week, you should have it next week. Cheers jon
  11. covers should be with you today, sent mail concerning the seat, else take a look here BuggyBags.co.uk On line Shop been working on it some time
  12. Hi Guys thanks for the comments, I doubt if the flexi mk2 will fit a flexi mk1 as there is very little side rail support for the seat, the Sports Class seat actually utilizes the support provided by the back axle as well.
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