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  1. Hey. Though id better show face on hear. Iv been lucky enough to get my hands on a 6m Nova. Its a great kite very stable with plenty performance. hears some shots of it racing. cheers stu
  2. I have both my T3 has euros and my mg supra has duros. not much in it duros are slightly smaller ,lighter and rounder. Oh and cheaper.
  3. John isn't keen on the price of his buggys being posted online. But you will get hit £650 for wheels and seat etc.
  4. Think that's what through me I'm used to all over the place under me
  5. It's worth it for that mud guard what a beaut
  6. These are a very quick easy to fly race kite. I love mine. Oh bump!
  7. I'd be interested in some Flexifoil and maybe a revolution if there's one in the bag
  8. I'm interested ill contact you if the man above pulls out
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