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  1. Most excellent work .Joel I was on the flexiforum right back when it was just a black thread based system and there right till the end of kitecrowd (one week there … next nothing but the main page... no warning or anything). Made a number of life long friends so has a very special place in my heart. Still fly but not so often these days good on you mate! (now where's my avatar? - lol)
  2. Nice relaxed style bro. Can't but help think 10yrs ago they'd be too many other kites on the beach to do that! Tight lines.
  3. Got my ticket for beach vibes to other day... You're right... Things are looking up
  4. If you've got anything left you could take it to beach vibes in June. For sale sign as per the old days of wallop?
  5. Don't think there's many on here these day. Shame, used to be so vibrant on here but Facebook and council bans seems to have killed kiting... That and raising families (lol)
  6. still fun isn't it (even after all this time).
  7. reckon i'll hobble along for a while longer ... besides i've prob. got too many kites as it is. hope you find a buyer - it's all a bit pants on the market front it would seem hey Ped - nice to see another old skool flyer still around
  8. Had a look-see on eBay the other day. Wow! It's a buyer's market for sure. Such a shame. V. Best of luck festa
  9. 5yrs too late. Reckon most rather spend the money on a drone. Flexifoil how the mighty have fallen... Then again the kite industry is on its knees so maybe they did well moving to lifestyle before it hit the wall (I blame the knee jerk bans ....just as it started to build momentum). Still think they made a major mistake ditching the forum... Quite a bit of brand loyalty lost there (imo). Talking of which who is running this place now?
  10. So made i actually did it and went for a landboard session today (first time on land board for a few years at least) Forgotten so much... Like wow ! way over powered and gusts suck, or oh shit! Bridle is wrapped (took an age to sort [probably would've taken 10 minutes back when]), forecast totally wrong, wind in wrong direction (cross on), and my personal pet hate.. soft sand bombs on a hard pack beach. Had a blast (knees really hurt now mind) worsts thing was I had to get up at 7 due to tides... Next week low tide 8am.... Don't think I'll make it lol Oh and like riding a bike.....
  11. Fantastic! Hello peeps - glad there's still life out there. Hope the years have been kind. Older - yes Rounder - only slightly More sensible - jury still out
  12. who are you calling round! (etc...)
  13. Any old skool still around? Popped in yesterday after a few years of no show, no flying... Funny ok game haven't touched a kite for far too long and look on here, read a few old threads and bam! I'm on tide times and forecast sites for 1/2 a day Hope my kites and knees still work cause I'm gonna try em out at the weekend (or not .. it could be raining.... getting old lol)
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