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  1. thanks that's awesome. let me know the details . my number is 0418610351. not sure what happened on this site but my account lost all privileges.
  2. i was just chasing a board. Cheers Mark
  3. Hi Pari, I know this is a long shot but i was wondering if you still had any decks for sale.
  4. Hi John, Sorry for the late reply, it says that i cant pm you. I'm in no hurry for the kite. Cheers MArk
  5. Hi John, I will grab the kite off you. Cheers Mark
  6. This isn't the standard measurements , it was designed by Funalex on tubleskites. (Been modifying kites for years). It changes the profile so not as flat but with less twist and flaring of the tips. It Does aid depowering. Like i said it isn't the standard line length, Funalex mods was always worked well from the initial one i done on a blade 3 to my Arcs. The aligned mixer Following this, while waiting for the recommendations of Funalex, aligned the 4 outputs of the mixer (by shortening the C of about 7cm s and the B of 3.5: I doubled the lines between the pulleys and the blue lines). aligned the 2 inputs of the mixer by replacing the front pigtails with longer adjustable house pigtails so that when the ABCZ are aligned the connectors of the front / back lines are also aligned (I think it was about 10cm longer than the pigtails factory). Mark
  7. After reading the build process that PriatePete has been doing. I thought it maybe interesting to put up some of our own home brewed kite buggies or mods on the forum. I know Chook , Andy666 and Westfire have built some awesome buggies over the years... So to start the ball rolling here are two of mine.
  8. Hey gum-nuts. I have a 15m aurora. Changed the pulleys and mods to the bridle. It flies way better then I expected. Just made up a bar to fly the kite with. What I found interesting was the kite performed better on a 55cm bar. Cheer Mark
  9. Thanks Crazy, was just looking through and stumbled across it last night. So a bigger question maybe is there any other places to kite buggy in the Anna bay area?
  10. Hi guys, here is the extract I found from the WORIMI CONSERVATION LANDS DRAFT PLAN OF MANAGEMENT on page 62 it pertains to kite buggies " 12.8 LAND YACHTING Land yachting and the related activities of kite landboarding and buggying are land based variations of sailboarding and kitesurfing. Land yachting and kite buggying typically involve the use of three-wheeled vehicles propelled by wind using a fixed sail or a kite. Kite landboarding involves the use of a kite to propel the rider of a land or mountainboard, which is similar in design to a skateboard, but larger with pneumatic wheels and foot-straps. The dunes and the eastern end of the beachfront are preferred locations used by riders in the WCL. This group of activities typically occurs infrequently, and in comparatively low numbers. Issues There is potential for land yachting, kite landboarding and buggying to directly impact on Worimi cultural values by travelling on and through Aboriginal sites and cultural material. Similar concerns exist regarding the disturbance of beach vegetation, particularly in the swale areas. There are safety concerns regarding the compatibility of land yachting and related activities with other activities and visitor use, especially during peak periods. These issues combine to limit the capacity of the WCL to provide for land yachting and related activities. Desired outcomes ■■ Land yachting, kite landboarding and buggying does not impact on cultural and natural values and is carried out with appropriate approvals. Management responses 1. Land yachting, kite landboarding and buggying will require the consent of the park authority and are permitted on the beachfront between the Sygna and the Gan Gan Road access frontal dune crossing, and in the Recreation Vehicle Area. Conditions regarding the timing and specific location of the activity may apply.
  11. hey Guys just wondering who has booked their accommodation yet? Looking forward to mayday. Cheers Mark
  12. I don't mind either, looking forward to it Time off work organised.
  13. Definitely interested as well.
  14. Thanks for the positive feed back . Finished pictures except the head bolt will have a cap on it. Just need some video footage on the beach now
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