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  1. Peter Lynn Aero Kite Hydrofoil Snow Kitesurf Land Depower Depowerable race Kites for Kiteboarding Power Kites UK Kiteboarding Control Bar Megatron Safety Review Powerkiteshop Power Kite Shop UK Equipment Control Bar the charger is still in production
  2. yea but theyre the average price for a kite in its class. I don't think ill be getting a full quiver though, but I have got a 14m on order
  3. Peter Lynn Kiteboarding : Aero
  4. has it also got eggs inside the springs?
  5. no shops up this way, so youre better going pks
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/509846982365325/
  7. should just said it was for your tea!!
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/206525849482143/
  9. nobody comes on here anymore. all on facebook now
  10. how much are you looking for? my friends son is looking for a board but obviously the price needs to be reasonable.
  11. yea. I think but don't quote me on this, they'll be holding progression sessions on the Friday, but there'll be freeriding all weekend
  12. why spectate why not enter? theres loads of classes
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