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  1. .... I think this is worthy of a post. So tomorrow is finally the day that I'll be a PTW buggy owner =) Driving up to pick up a cougar 2 from near hoylake, then planning a cheeky session somewhere while I'm up there, and by God I can't wait. Also getting a 2.8 reactor too =) Is there any good kite shops up that way as I could do with some new lines potentially for one of my kites, and some sleeving for a snapped line set I have and want to make a set of 10m lines with. If not I can always stop off at powerkiteshop.com on the way as I'll be going right past them. Will be sure to
  2. Talk about resurrecting old threads lol Pretty hopeful that a cheap seat and bar haven't sold in nearly a year!
  3. Just had a good read through the first 15 pages or so, some good info and inspiration in this thread. Skipped to the end after I'd been reading for a good hour or so though, I suspect I'll finish reading through soon enough though lol. I've been thinking I need a new kite to sit between the 2m and 3.3m and also something between the 4.9m and the 8.5m and love making things so think I might have a bash at an NPW or variant as I want to do some buggying somewhere where there is not much space and I gather these fly pretty well on very short or no lines at all? Any suggestions as to which d
  4. Got to say that the Octane's I bought have proved to be excellent buggy engines. I've spent more time buggying with my 2m and 4m Octane than any other kite in my bag the last couple of months. I find them really easy to fly, good power when you want it, very stable and hard to collapse even when it's right near the edge. They do seem to work well upwind although not super fast they've got me back. The 2m is brilliant fun in the windy stuff, getting back on topic, I've had a right hoot with it. Kind of thinking I could maybe do with something to sit between the 2m Octane and the 3.3 PKD,
  5. Finally had a few days out with the 8.5m now and it's working sweet, just needed a tiny bit more off the brake lines and realised I hadn't used all the adjustment at the handle end like I thought I had (goes to show how long its been since it was last out the bag). All I can say is I'm no longer thinking of selling the beast =)
  6. I've got a friend who will want your buggy, I'll pm you my number, drop me a text as we might be able to grab it today Cheers mate
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone, sorry for taking so long to answer, been having too much fun out on my kites the last few months Still I've barely got to fly this big beasty as I still can't work it out. It's been a while since it came out the bag as its been pretty windy the last couple of months but might get a run out today. I'm sure I remember using up the leader adjustment that I had at both ends and the brake lines still barely work (too long). I've got some leader line from UFO in Weston to make up some pigtail extensions for the power lines. Might also try it on a s
  8. Cheers guys, got an Ozone Octane 2m coming tomorrow now, hopefully be flying by lunch time =) Might have to keep my eyes open for a 2.2m buster as I love my 3.3 How are the old bullets in 1.5 and 2.5?
  9. Morning all What with some high wind due tomorrow, and me having a day off I'm feeling some buggy action. But I'd like to get a smaller kite as my current smallest is a 3.3m Not got a lot of time to research/fly before I buy, so what high wind buggy engines are a good look these days? And does anyone have anything to sell that they could post next day delivery today? Cheers
  10. I'll take it mate, you about today if I wanted to come and collect it?
  11. ... so I've got myself a Peter Lynn 8.5m Voltage, and it's an awesome kite, been having a good bit of fun with it, however I'm finding that it really likes to try and overfly the window, a lot lot more than my blade or anything else I own or have flown. Besides adding knots to brake lines etc, I've not got much experience in tuning kites so wondered if there is anything I can do to stop or reduce this (I suspect probably not though, and that it is just a characteristic of a high lift kite. So any suggestions anyone?
  12. Fair enough, I was thinking more along the lines of just a cheap foil than a full blown LEI trainer. But you reckon just get one with normal handles? Also 2, 3 or 4 line? I got a 2011/2012 Nobile T5 Koinobori 10m w/ Nobile bar in the end (was a toss up between this and an 11m N62 V3 which would probably have been better early on, but this should keep me going for a while).
  13. That's alright then, at least it'll do for now. I'll definitely upgrade it as soon as I can though, at least it sounds like the kite should do me alright for now. Now the only other question is about trainer kites. I live in the centre of Bristol and was thinking of getting something smaller for flying on Clifton downs, where I'm limited to static flying, to fly on weeknights when I can't get to the coast. Also to be able to use with girlfriends, mates etc as my Blade might be a bit much for them. Any suggestions for something not too expensive, but something that will still give me some be
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