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  1. Yep I can see my nugget just becoming a toy for light wind days good fun though and helpful. Those crazyfly boards look bomb proof.
  2. Yep I am not against helmets. That was the point of my querie as most of us don't. And a lot of us who have been riding a long time have seen some head injuries. In both cases it happened on land.usually down to people launching badly ie near rocks ,not checking their lines or using the wrong size kite. Newbies a must sliders kickers a must and stay away from rocks, but I have never ridiculed the wearing of a helmet personel choice that one, and a majority of us don't. Some surfers have a lot of risks with head injuries but not seen one wear a helmet being part of my post .
  3. Just got in from rhossi and yes I am hooked as is James from local kite school, who is in the same boat as me. Great stepping stone this and you can still jump and mess about. A stepping stone that others who already surf probably wont appreciate. I can honestly give this north nugget a thumbs up. straps are coming off next session for sure. I think any rider with basic skills could get on this board and play.big grin today. 2 skittish runs and your away. Definitely not a high wind board though. Plenty of fun for summer though.
  4. There is some really cool gear around at the moment. Exciting stuff. I would like to hand you the new star surf kite when it lands. For an unbiast opinion of course.
  5. I have not yet taken to wearing a condom for kiting is there something I should be aware of. Shame Andy is banned as he had a lot of controversial kit. So to sum it up speedoes over wetsuit seat harness, helmet buoyancy aid and a condom.
  6. I will , I will, I will. I couldn't this morning though it was a session I couldn't avoid , rhossi was rocking. And I had to avoid windsurfers. Not a learning day. Ha ha. Cheers Mr blast.
  7. Yep lads said they have a lot of fun with a 7mtr and small to medium waves here at rhossi. Have a surf board ready as star are arming me with this. Apparently it's going back to having fun learning , so fingers crossed. They seem to have sold a few . and they seem like really good lads, good service aswell.
  8. May be armbands Mick to finish your look. In fact where is Andy at a time like this.
  9. Ah OK lads at funsport rhoissi raved about it being a great board to learn strapples. And great for lighter wind days.
  10. Just bought this years north nugget , any one tried this board.
  11. Is that an answer. There Are a few i kite with that wear a helmet and dare I say quite cool looking hats at that. Are we at any more than surfers or should we really be wearing helmets as I know of a couple of close people who have had near fatal head injuries, yet I still don't wear a hat, partly because I find them uncomfortable.
  12. Ah mick you mentioned helmet. This thread could get longer. Should we or shouldn't we be wearing one. I don't but ?
  13. Come on,bullseye set yourself free get naked. You know,the rest of them want to take off them there shorts, be the man you always wanted to be, go on! Throw those shorts and sail into the sunset.
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