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  1. Hi Mate yes your defo right Ill have to pop over. Off down to gwithian in a few weeks but after that ill be up for a blast.
  2. Crying shame... Damn that Face book. I refuse to use it (may have something to do with a lack of friends) but thats not the point. I bloody hate it Grrrrrrr.
  3. so what has happened why is everything so dead has everyone given up or has everyone gone to the water?????
  4. Well she didn't. I waited for my moment she had her back turned. Im not stupid. If you don't get it right the first time it can get tricky.
  5. Just got back from there. I stayed at Gwithian Farm Campsite great spot and about a 15 Min hike to beach
  6. I have a Peter Powell kite in the loft that I brought way way back in the 70's of course I had to put duck tape on the back of it because the first hard landing it came apart in fact I actually put 3 of these together once and one Sunday afternoon I took the skateboard up to my school playground and I was slowly but surely pulled across from one end to the other. I remember thinking that was shit I'll stick to hills in future. And this is exactly the reason I am still working for someone rather than running my own company.
  7. I was on the mac the other day ordering a new kite when my wife popped her head around the door and asked if I wanted a cuppa yes please I replied. What are you up to she said oh I'm just ordering a kite. Well she wasnt to happy and suggested I waited until next month as we are a bit tight I am now a proud owner of a brand new Ozone so yes violence does pay off
  8. Ozone Cult 4.5 complete used 3 times from new £80.00
  9. Wow that sucks I know they are cheapish kites but you don't expect that lets face it if you buy a Ford Fiesta you don't expect the doors to fall off everytime you stop at the traffic lights. So extra care is needed when flying. I compared it with an old ozone cult of mine and it's not really a patch on that the ozone is triple stitched where the reactor is only double stitched and they advertise the bridle as aerodynamic light weight hmmm is that code for cheap as chips well give it credit where credit is due they work well and they look good you just can't throw them around as you would a gin
  10. Cheers mate How much is the repair if you dont mind me asking
  11. Hey guys, Any opinion on the Reactor 3 Good points bad points etc
  12. Yeah you are so right. well ill be down end of June for two weeks so ill be either on the beach at Gwithian or in the pub opposite the Gwithian Farm camp site. Its a shame its gone on the decline but when you look at the price of equipment these days its no surprise.
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