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  1. mick


    Lovely to be back on the water yesterday after nearly a year off thro personal stuff. I could have done with a bigger kite but my old 9 was ok. Lowest tide Ive seen in a long time. OOOOH ! Nice to see Kieran still screams his head off all the time. Some village must have lost their idiot.
  2. mick

    Portugal 2018

    Oh I needed that. Thanks Marc. Its been a crap 2 yrs for me on the water so to just sit and watch that has lifted my spirits.
  3. My first O Niel leaked like a seive. The rear seal was CRAP. They replaced it with another which was just as bad. PLUS it split if you looked at it. The joint between the knee pads to suit is prone to splitting. Most flexible comfortable suit I've owned but also the least robust.
  4. Hi fella. The beach at old Hunstanton is not very good at all for wheeled sport. You may find some small areas of decent smooth sand but its ripples and water for the most. Im a buggyer and I wouldnt bother. Your best bet is to head to Brancaster a few miles away where its far better. There are some restrictions there so please observe them.
  5. You have to be careful kiting like this. Its so easy to get caught in a bush.
  6. Blimey, I may be getting old. Fes, dont say owt but I actually run a group on FB. Yes, who'd ever have thought eh. . Nice to see you around still. You ok old mate. Weve had good times here eh?
  7. Well tbh Fes, I had a real awakening the other week. I came in off the water. I had a 12 mtre up and it was near its maximum. I was self landing and had a leash fixed to a groyne. I wasnt happy about its position so bent down to move it. Somehow, Heaven knows how, my bar got twisted and one side wrapped round it. The kite went into a death spin and ripped me off the ground. I got slammed really heavily and hit my safety. Unfortunately that doesnt help and the spin went on. I was dragged about 10 mtres across the sand but managed to get hold of the centre line, work my way up it and grab one li
  8. I am never an advocate of spending money but I truly believe that one or two lessons will save you weeks or possibly months of struggling AND more importantly will teach you the basic safety procedures. I flew large foil kites for many years but when it goes tits up on a big kite, you will need every bit of information given to get out of trouble. BOOK THE LESSON. An instructor knows how to teach. A kitesurfer knows how to kitesurf. There is a massive difference.
  9. Sorry Stu. Read the post but cant help.
  10. mick

    Blast Vids

    Thanks Marc. Crazy isnt it that its so quiet. Tony from Kiteboarder has had enough as well it seems. When they pull the plug on this one, everyone will moan. I'll watch these vids when I finish work.
  11. Ooops. Sorry mate. A week late. Yes Im fine. Havent even been out this year yet. What a waste eh? Hopefully gonna get a couple of days away. Just need to see the sea yet alone kite. It would be nice tho for sure. You keeping busy?
  12. Hi fella. First off, sorry about the site being so quiet. Social Media seems to have ruined everything. OK the guy to ask is Marc from Blast Kiteboarding. The expert on all things Portugal. He does regular trips with groups. Either PM him thro here or contact him thro his website. On here he uses the name BLAST but as a noob Id message him on FB. Sorry, I couldnt be any more helpful. Its a place Ive never been BUT Im guessing, from what Ive read, its light wind thro summer so depending on your weight, if around 70 or 80k, a 12 to 14 and a 9 I would have thought.
  13. mick


    Hi Mark. How ya doing bud? Yes, it all went Ts up. I blame Ady Mitchell for going onto FB. I'm afraid, even I have finally succumbed to it as well with my Toyota Hiace Campers group which takes up a lot of time. I think, over here the majority of users are on the water. I havent seen a land kite inyears. What are you up to? Cos, you're cracking on a bit in years eh?
  14. You have to respect companies like Peter Lynn who are still in the running and still maintain their cred and original ideals. Good on ya Mr. Lynn. Have a drink on me. I'm fine Mr Blast. Heavily confined to home and surroundings. Maybe even a holiday in the uk this year if we can arrange something. Sounds scary. The UK !!! Lovely to see your old fella out and about.
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