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  1. No, what kind of competition was it?
  2. I've called him out as a bot before and received no answer. He's certainly a bot. I can't figure out why. He doesn't seem to want to sell us something or ask us to vote Brexit with a Russian accent. He just seems to post inane BS. Maybe he's just trying to blend in until the day AI bots completely take over the world.
  3. I’m convinced now he’s a bot, especially since I called him out and he’s not saying a thing in his own defence. But why? A bot that posts over the span of 7 years? No advertising, no trying to convince us to vote for Trump, what’s the end game?
  4. I can’t figure out what’s going on here. Acechav was posting gibberish on here in 2011, now he’s back reviving old threads like this one. I think he’s a spam robot but I can’t figure out his end goal.
  5. I'd be interested. I can't get messages on here but you can send me a mail: jimbocz AT yahoo.com
  6. I'm planning on going to this. Anything else I should know or should I just show up at the post code on the website?
  7. Why do people post stuff for sale and then disappear?
  8. Hello? Did I lose another one?
  9. Hello, I'm still interested in the access. Send me an email.
  10. I'm still with you, show me the pics
  11. Great, looking forward to hearing from you
  12. Oh yeah, assuming that's got a bar as well
  13. I'll take the 6 meter access if that price includes shipping to Twickenham. I can't send or receive PMs so please send me an email JimBocz@yahoo.com
  14. If you know Stu, tell him to come back and post some pics! I'm interested in his buggy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I think my problem with the PMs is different, I used to subscribe so I didn't have the limits on PM numbers. Now I don't pay anymore and it's over the limit. Anyone else got a parastorm for sale? I'm flying soon and that's the best buggy to pack.
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