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New snow kite from Gin called the Shaman. It looks like it's meant to be a replacement for  the Eskimo but interestingly it's a hybrid single skin with cells on either end to increase stability rather than a conventional foil. It certainly looks very stable in the promo videos. It's available in the same sizes as the Flysurfer Peak 3 but I doubt it will be much competition for the Peak in Australia due to the cost. It'll be interesting to see how the European riders rate it.


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That's super interesting!  I've always had a soft spot for Gin, they just seemed to have lost their way for a while after the Eskimo, Inuit and Zulu kites were their best days.  Good to see them working on new designs again after the ownership change, new perspectives :good: 


Thanks for sharing, it's certainly an interesting hybrid style design.  

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    • By RaceKites
      Hmm, swapped for a base unit. Anticipated arrival and excitement at receiving it. At last a large kite to play with.

      Unfurled quality is paramount. Lines are very nice and colour coded. Can't adjust the length though, without a fight.

      Didn't get where I am today without adjusting the lines.

      The material is great. Strong, re-inforced and mean looking. Cut away vents (the trademark 'V'!)

      Still, the cost was great (i.e. free). Retail wise though, how does this compare with the flexi-pups, little evils, I mean devils and other violently named kite. As someone on the flexifoil forums says, Blade, Bullet, Devil, viper, buster, how long before the flexifoil Maniac, rampant and slaughter??

      But I digest.

      Went down to Baiter in Poole to fly it with a mate from the most excellent baiterpowerkites club.

      It flew. In 3 mph winds. when some other kites were grounded this was stable, powerful and looked different form the norm. Not sleek like my buster or meaningful like a bullet but kind of zen and graceful, at one with the air. I like to be special with my kites and like to look special sliding around with it. Scudding was easy (just fly it!), enough life to jump with confidence, the buggy loved it and after 30 minutes we was, like. knacked matey peeps.

      So, to recap:

      Didn't luff once
      Flew in a low wind
      Has great pull
      Looks the biz
      Can be used for boarding, recreational and buggying.

      This may not a total race kite but if you're just getting into kiting and want a largish kite that won't cripple you (literally), you can't go far wrong. The rucksack is great too, with more pockets than a snooker table and some excellent features. At the standard retail price is very good value for money.

      Just one gripe. As others have mentioned the handles are far too short. Racial size difference perhaps??

      So, for the perfect day and to sum it up in one word, without beating about the bush and making excuses or, indeed, hedging your cliches you just need bigger handles, change of underwear and pimms acock.

      So smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!

      Second thoughts, make that lunch, no tea.
      By : Pete Nicodemus
    • By IanD
      Test Report on the Peter Lynn UNIQ QUAD Single-skin power kite, 4.5m2 version on 2 handles/quad lines
      Just for something different, I tried a single-skin kite, this one an offering from the Peter Lynn stable.

      Photos courtesy of Peter Lynn Kitesports (On account of I was too lazy to photograph my own-same size, same colour)
      Inland NSW, on a large, open sports complex Temp 27ºC Wind E to NE, 1 to 12kts, mostly around 5-6 kts. Static flying only. No buggy or board
      HQ Toxic 5m2
      Zebra Z1 3.5M2
      The kite is promoted by P/L as being compact, lightweight, relatively cheap, stable, easy to fly, crash-damage resistant, very manoeuvrable and very powerful for its size.  It also comes in a 2-line version or a 3-line on a bar
      The kite bag is VERY small, particularly for a 4.5m2. (It looks like something you’d use to take a bottle of champagne to a party)
      Everything necessary to rig and fly is supplied and packed into the well-made main bag;
      The kite itself Quad 18m x 200/100kg Dyneema pre-stretched, colour-coded lines and padded handles A soft drawstring cloth bag for the lines and handles 2 x P/L Kite-Killers (nice bit of kit) A plastic P/L anchor stake in a well-made fabric sheath. (Sand use only. It’s next to useless trying to shove it into grass or dirt. The HQ version is much more versatile) (You’ll have fun trying to stuff everything back into this bag after flying, although the kite certainly does wrap up into a very small bundle.)
      All stitching and line attachments are of the usual very high P/L standard. The main (200kg) and brake (100kg) lines look very similar in size, but fortunately are colour-coded and labelled.
      As this is my first single-skin jobbie, I admit to having a few Senior’s moments trying to find the leading edge due to the absence of those lovely big holes that normally identify the LE.  The kite plan form is a low-aspect design, which keeps the span quite short for the area.
      This is quite conventional using the supplied line number matching and lark’s-head knots.
      As expected, the kite fills easily and lifts almost instantly. Once line tension is steady, the leading edge shape becomes apparent and the kite flies normally.
      Some early observations are;
      The kite is not particularly fast, compared to most double-skinned foils It is quite agile, allowing for the lower speed The wind window is somewhat smaller/narrower than double-skinned foils The kite won’t overshoot and collapse at the zenith because it doesn’t really get that close to it. Approaching the edges of it’s own wind window, it just slows and either stops or drifts back until it’s back in a sweet spot. Quite neat!
      (Note: I refer to the zenith as a point directly overhead the flyer) This 4.5m2 pulls very hard in gusts (10-12kts) and is happier when it’s kept moving. Pull is at least equal to the HQ Toxic 5.0m2 Tight turns are best made with just a light touch on one brake. Main line pulls produce a much slower, wide and smooth turn Backing down to the ground is very easy and controlled using the brakes Reverse launching was easy I tested turbulence behaviour by standing in the lee of a large light tower just upwind of my flying position and this caused the occasional tip tuck which easily un-tucked itself with a tug on the lines Overall, it was not quite as stable as the delightfully mild-mannered Zebra Z1 3.5m2 Pumping the lines to keep it up in between soft gusts had markedly less effect than with a double-skin foil The kite showed little or no lift at the zenith, due mostly to the slightly narrower wind window  
      Now that I’ve flown the kite, I thought I might match up my experience with the claims P/L have made:
      Virtually indestructible
      Pretty much correct. You can dive it straight into the ground at any speed and it just crumples up briefly, then is ready for an easy reverse launch
        Incredible wind-range.
      Not sure about this claim. It seemed to behave much the same as any double-skin foil with regard to pull vs. wind speed variations
        Supremely easy to fly.
      Overstated a bit. It is easy to fly, but nothing to get too excited about
        Great performance, more pull per size than any comparable ram airfoil while needing much less wind.
      The kite did pull very hard in very light conditions, although truly objective testing would be needed to see if it really out-pulled an similar sized double-skinned device at the same wind speed
        A lift to drag ratio that is easily equivalent to modern foils, excellent handling and instant power.
      Yes. The kite certainly powered up very quickly in a gust
        No overflying, no collapsing or luffing, ever.
      Not quite, P/L. Any turbulence in very light conditions will induce mild tip folding, but it certainly didn’t want to overfly  
      Is it suitable for a beginner?
      Certainly, although there are perhaps better beginner options like the Skydog Power-Foil, Zebra Z1, HQ Beemer, etc..
        Is it suitable as a static fun/workout kite?
      Absolutely! It does fly well, inland or coastal, where it’s lightness and the tiny Pack make it a must-carry anytime. Not too good for jumping
        Is it useful as a buggy engine?
      Yes. So long as you can live with losing some wind window width. It certainly pulls hard at lower angles and has very low lift at the zenith, which is safe. On a buggy trip, it’d be very easy to carry one as a compact, spare larger kite in case the wind drops  
    • By tszy1600949554
      Free flight of GIN YOZ II Saturday 20th May.

      Got out in between the showers to fly the YOZ which my son took delivery of this week.

      The first thing I noticed was that the backpack is on of the best designs I've seen. Its really nice, I like the long thin pocket for the lines.

      The kite came inside its own stuff bag on which there is a panel signed by the people involved in the manufacture and quality checking of the Kite. This is something I associate with the better quality kites.

      The canopy is made of lightweight nylon and the bridles have less attachment points than a Bullet. We ordered the blue & white option. Laying it out I noticed that the overall shape is not like any other kite that I have seen. The v-shaped air intake vents also caught my eye. This is an interesting looking kite.

      The kite comes with a good quality set of lines [proper sewn-in loops at the end.] I have to say that my only issue with this kite so far is the handles which are the same size as the ones I got with my 1.5m LD stunt. Aluminium with neoprene hand grips.

      I may be too used to the flexifoil handles but I dont think there is enough handle length to apply the brakes. This minor niggle is totally forgotten as soon as the kite is launched.

      We didn't mess about with tuning the brakes we just set up as it came out of the bag. Pulling on the lines the canopy sits up on the ground and shoots straight up to the zenith. [ There wasn;t much wind so we launched down wind ] The unique shape of the kite becomes apparant and the color scheme looks good. I was aware that the canopy was quite rigid and didnt act as two sections like the Bullet can do sometimes. The benefit of this rigidity is that the kite is very very smooth to fly, and turns superbly. The kite delivers power all over the flying window and you get a bit of lift as well. You can place the canopy anywhere you like with precision. I easily held the kite in a hover at the side of the window while my son took some photos.

      The v-shaped air vents make the kite sound like a miniature jet aircraft. At the risk of repeating myself this kite is really smooth to fly- I was hooked as soon as it took off.

      I would rate this kite for a beginner / intermediate flyer. It is quite responsive and my son who is not a regular flyer managed to get to grips with the kite within 30 minutes.

      Very well designed and made, great backpack, the handles are adequate but not ideal. Excellent to fly.

      I hope it doesn't rain tonight so I can have another blast.
      By : tszy
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