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This kite is on ebay UK. 

See my ebay listing here >> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flexifoil-Blade-II-4m-Power-kite-/281747784657? << PICTURES.


Flexifoil Blade II... The best Blade they made imo. The widow maker! 
No damage. No repairs. Just perfect! 
*** SHIPS WORLDWIDE *** Ask me for postage costs.
This Blade II 4m power kite is the perfect size and ready to fly! 
It's big enough to give you a good workout in the park but small enough to still be fast and fun. 
This size works perfectly with the original 4 line bar that I'm including but I will also be including
small Ozone handles for even finer control. Both are harness ready! 
The original bag is completely gone. The zippers have corroded and the bag material has split, therefore I am including a nice slimline draw-string harness bag from Ozone which I think is better than the chunky overkill rucksack n.
Wind range of this kite - min 3mph  - max 20mph.
Includes - Kite, Ozone bag, Ozone handles, Flexifoil bar and line set, kite killer and line winder.




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@RedSky We need a price please Tom.  (see guidelines) :good:  Or is it $84 posted? :grin:

Thanks John, I have copied the description in my ebay listing and pasted it here as the rules dictate. It's a 7 day auction which Started Sunday 12th GMT or Monday 13th for you guys. I can get postage rates if anyone is interested. If you're prepared to wait a while for the kite then postage is obviously much cheaper.


Hey! I've been promoted to the fs Sonic Hedghog. Cheers!  


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Thanks Tom, my mistake :grin:

No worries. I should have stated on the first line that this was an ebay thingy. Edited.


dude, after seeing you getting flogged by that thing, i would be so scared to even launch that bugger


seriously though, looks like a great kite, and an even better promotional video.

:D Thanks!

I see that you and mezzararty are in Croydon Vic. I fly in Croydon UK. What a coincidence! I will now change my location to Croydon, just for giggles.   

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Hi Mate, yep croydon victoria, there is a few croydon's in Australia, Mary is from england, (southampton) and she said croydon uk is just like croydon victoria :) lol, 


I also have had my ass kicked by a flexi blade, A fellow i used to know bought one from @OBEwan. i think it was a first gen blade 5m?

'fingers' the bloke who bought it took a slide across low tide shallow inlet, dragged across the rocks and shells, and planted it nose first into the salt bush , impenetrable !! we thought how the F are we going to get this out, waited for the wind to pick up, applied the brakes and reversed it out of there :!

great day..

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