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Found 6 results

  1. Flexifoil are releasing an update of the fabled Blade series as a New Year's present to land kiters. No details as yet but they've made the announcement on their website so it shouldn't be long before we find out when the release date is. Here's another one to add to the collection @.Joel
  2. good on you blade for thinking of the light weights. http://bladekites.com/kite/tiny-beast/
  3. THIS KITE IS SOLD, YOU MISSED OUT, HIT THE FLOOR AND GIVE ME TEN This kite is on ebay UK. See my ebay listing here >> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flexifoil-Blade-II-4m-Power-kite-/281747784657? << PICTURES. *********************************************** Flexifoil Blade II... The best Blade they made imo. The widow maker! No damage. No repairs. Just perfect! *** SHIPS WORLDWIDE *** Ask me for postage costs. Hi, This Blade II 4m power kite is the perfect size and ready to fly! It's big enough to give you a good workout in the park but small enough to still be
  4. Here comes one more review of the well known Blade. This is for the Blade mk1 4.9m2 flying with 500/300-30 m lines. After a lot of search for a bigger kite I decided to get one used Blade. This search included one month intensive internet research, endless conversation (forum and local flyers) and of course testing some kites. So, I got this blade for amazing 175 euros = 120 pounds. It came in the traditional Flexifoil rucksack with the big logo on top. The construction’s quality of the kite started already with the rucksack! Before unpack was my heart beating at 200…..was finally
  5. jarv

    Flexifoil Bade 2.6M

    Well first of all i brought this kite 2nd hand to be my high wind kite so when it came it was know supprise that the bag was to big and the lines were not flexi (i think they were Ozone 25mtr) but the handles were standard if not a little worn. The kite itself though only 2.6 mtr was easily as big as my old radsail 3.0, it was slightly faded as you would expect for a kite as old as this but as for build quality it was so much better than what i have been used to with my passed kites, the little things like the mesh covered leading edge and the stiched bridle and the bridle itself was nice
  6. Problem with kite reviews I've read is that few seem to say which size kite, or compare them with other kites, so its hard to know where the reviewer is coming from. Maybe this isn't so much a kite review as a quest to find the mid wind kite. Maybe a Blade I review is of little interest to people as its well out of date, but seeing as I bought it second hand as the culmination of buying various other kites in order to find an ideal mid wind kite, I think it is relevant. I started out with a 2m Elliot Sylus as a toy - but got into buggying with it when a friend bought a
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