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Found 8 results

  1. Good day I'm new here and was looking for some advice I have a flexifoil sabre kite that I bought second hand the control bar is damaged and I need to get a replacement but cannot find any online does anyone know if other 4 line control bars will work with this depower kite?
  2. New Freeride foil kite from Flysurfer called the Soul. Flysurfer continue to make some stunning looking kites, the Soul is available in 6M, 8M, 10M, 12M, 15M, 18M and 21M. It's a bit more nimble than a Speed 5 and offers easier single line relaunch so you can relaunch the foil just like an LEI off the water by simply pulling a single steering line. More Info: https://flysurfer.com/project/soul/ Video of the Flysurfer Soul
  3. Ok... There is not much out there in terms of information about the Peter Lynn Waterfoil kite. The kite is old and pre-dates the Arcs. Most of us know this, but what most people assume and comment on in the internet, is that the Waterfoil is a dangerous kite and one should throw it into the bin. Well, I am always an optimist and I believe in adjusting and testing a kite until it either blows up in tests, gets ripped or actually flies better than originally designed. I did this with the so called "oh my God that is a crap kite ... The Hindenburg of kites... blahblah" Slingshot Link 2007 12m, and now it flies better or the same as my Ozone 2011 C4. Really easy re-launch and great upwind. All because I took the time to experiment with the bridles and adjusted the bar/lines to make it work! Foil kites have come a long way since those days, and most depower foils are now pretty much "safe as houses". They have great depower, turn far more quickly (unlike some kooks in Seabreeze commenting otherwise, still living in the commercialised world of inflatable kites), are easier to control, and almost coming close (if not better) to leading edge inflatable (LEI) kites. Some I am sure, will say they are way better. I tend to agree. Soon I believe foil kites will be as mainstream as your North and Slingshot kites in the shop, but still perhaps with a higher price tag unfortunately. Here I live in hope for it to be so. I digress. Lets' look at this thread, which clearly illustrates the "get rid of it" mentality with the PL Waterfoil... http://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=2388382&p=881715 I love the last post and the line ... "You'd be well advised to know what you're doing foil wise, or get rid of that kite. Do not expect depower at any rate " Well that is absolute bollocks, and this thread will prove it. Of course the kite does not come with depower. It's not meant to be a depower kite. It was designed to be a two-line, fixed-bridle, water re-launchable kite. Many kite surfers don't know that all their precious LEI kites actually started out as 2-line kites back in the 90s! Even the boards were not twin-tip style boards, but skis or planks, and don't get me started on the bar system! That didn't exist until the late 90s. Kite surfers used kite handles with safety-lines attached to their waste harness. And they did quite well on them too, doing all sorts of tricks. Even harnesses were not around then. Kite surfing has come a long way of course, but the kites are still relatively unchanged, in terms of their aero-dynamics. A kite still has to have that wing shape effect to give you lift. So I thought, well, if the PL Waterfoil is a wing, then why not adjust the bridles and turn the "wing" into a depower-able wing? And that's exactly what I did. I'll pause here for now to allow some thoughts to come through (or flames!), and I'll come back soon with some before and after modifications to the Waterfoil. I'll do a video as well showing how well these kites fly. cheers
  4. The Rush V Pro School 300 is HQ's latest addition to their Rush range of kites. But this ones an affordable depower. Looking forwards to seeing some reviews of this. I expect Briskites will have some info and pricing on them in the near future. RUSH V PRO SCHOOL 300 The Rush V Pro School is a simple, affordable and durable ram-air depower trainer. It is an ideal kiteboarding trainer for schools, operating and functioning the same as larger depower kites. The Rush School trainer is responsive, smooth and stable. The 3m size has just enough power to ensure beginners will be ready to progress to the next level. The Rush School works with a sheetable bar system, allowing an easy progression onto a larger depower kite after learning the basics. CHARACTARISTICS complete package including de-power control bar and chicken loop flying lines already attached to the kite easy handling - uncomplicated flight characteristics wide useable wind range And info here: http://www.powerkites.de/Products/Kites/Depower-Kites/Rush-V-pro-school.html
  5. I will get my new kite on Thursday and then will be heading to Lefroy on Friday, I've been watching this video by Ozone (see below) to get an idea how to launch and land the closed cell depower as its a bit different from my depowers, which I hot launch, hot wired in the buggy. Any tips and tricks you use with your closed cells? I reckon after a bit of getting used to it I will be hot launching as well...
  6. Flysurfer Rookie2 9m GE As there is always a lot of anticipation around the launch of a new kite I have decided to post my initial impressions of this kite after only a couple of flights. I will update the post when I have gained more experience with it. I received my Rookie2 at the beginning of June after buying it from www.airbossworld.co.uk, I ordered prior to going on holiday and it was delivered to work on my return. I have been flying a 5m Samurai for the past 12 months initially with handles and more recently with a bar and harness. I loved the Samurai but needed to extend my kite bag to encompass a bigger wind range – so decided to go for a depowerable foil. This would not only have the flexibility to fly in a big wind range but the potential for getting more air and for use with my board as well as static flying. The Frenzy was out of my price range, so after much research opted for the cheaper Flysurfer as it is supposed to have similar characteristics – I am not planning (at the moment) to go on the water so the opened cell design was perfect. The things that really sold me on it apart from the price (£450) was while reading the PDF instructions from the Flysurfer website I came across these 2 lines under the section called Kite-control in extreme situations - "If you get lifted up very high... Don’t panic! You actually have a small paraglider over top of you and you will be able to control your flight with gentle steering impulses." "If the kite collapses, this is called front-stall or luff. Fortunately, you have a FLYSURFER kite and you will notice this phenomenon more often when watching other kites" It may have been describing the Psycho2, but it was a deal clincher! What you get The whole package comes in a large grey and black rucksack, with gold Flysurfer logo’s on it. It has a large main pocket which has room for the kite, bar and lines, but also swallows my harness and pads. It has 3 small pockets (one on the top and two at the bottom) which will take keys, phone, instructions, etc. It would benefit from a couple more, larger external pockets, but is more than adequate for the job, comfy to wear and looks good in a subtle understated way. There is no zip on the main compartment, just draw string inner cover and Velcro lid. So no chance of getting the kite caught and torn in a zip. Kite – gold (not yellow!), black and grey. 18 cells, all with large open vents (large enough to swallow a pigeon in the middle!), with double stitched and reinforced internal bracing. The fabric feels lighter than the Samurai but remains very crisp. There are no problems with loose threads as was reported in the review of the Psycho2’s (Psycho2 review) and all the stitching and bridle attachments are excellent. It comes with lines and bar attached – ready to fly. There are four 18m lines, two (red and green) depower-flying-lines as well as two white steering-lines attached to the ends of the bar. They all appear to be sleeved dyneema and thicker than on my 5m Samurai, particularly the coloured lines. The gold edition (available in 6 and 9m) comes with the 50cm control bar (looks the same as on the psycho2, but I don’t think it is carbon) with the trimmer (only available on the gold edition) to adjust the angle of attack to power or depower the kite for different conditions. The bar is also colour coded so that you know which way round it should be. The Rotor-Kite-Leash (RKL), which should allow for multiple bar rotations without the safety system becoming tangled around the depower loop, and gust absorber. It does not have the multiwac system of the psycho2. The depower loop has a safety system activated by pulling and then letting go of the red ball (not forgetting to let go of the bar!). This allows the trailing edge and wing tips to fold up allowing the kite to fall to the ground with greatly reduced pull (1:3). The kite is also secured to the rotor-kite-leash to stop it blowing away, which also has a similar safety quick release – though this means the kite is free to blow away! Both safety systems are simple to reassemble after practising a couple of times. The instructions are comprehensive with good pictures; they are generic for the Rookie2, Psycho2 and Extasy (Flysurfer instructions PDF). Again it would be nice to have a DVD showing how to setup, launch, fly and pack away the kite especially as I have never flown a depowerable kite before. First Flight A gusty Shropshire day wind blowing anything from 0 – 15mph (approx), first time out with a depowerable foil, so a nice nervous knot in my gut! Unpacked it all, hooked in ready to go, adjusted the trimmer for minimal power, pulled on the webbing attached to the power lines and it started to rise gracefully into the sky then collapsed. I tried a couple more times with the same result – have I bought a dud? why did I sell my Samurai? After playing around with the trimmer for 5 or 10 minutes I decided that it wasn’t windy enough for full trim so launched with minimal trim. Different story, the kite flew to the zenith and was much more stable, it started to generate some good pull and lift when the wind picked up, handled the gusts well, but it still tended to collapse whenever the wind disappeared (which it did frequently). Though if one wing tip collapsed or folded in it could be shaken out while still in the air and would continue flying. With minimal trim launching and landing were straightforward and could be done without assistance – as the kite was sat there, inflated, waiting to go. To launch, after attaching the RKL to the spreader and the depower loop to the hook on the harness, all I needed to do was take a couple of steps back or pull on the webbing of the central power lines and up it would go. Landing it is even easier, as recommended in the instructions, either unhook or pull the safety on the depower loop and it would flutter down completely depowered onto the trailing edge. You can then either stake it through the loop on the RKL and then weigh the down trailing edge or hook back in and have another go. Reverse starts were simple, by pulling on the thick steering leader lines the kite would launch backwards and could be turned to land on the trailing edge and then launched as normal. Later on I had about 10 minutes of steady, clean wind, I am guessing about 5 or 8 mph (from experience) in which the kite became a different beast – it was smooth and stable, and turned really quickly almost on its tips at which point it felt very similar to my Sammi – the grin started to appear. The wind then picked up and the gusts came back, the kite started to generate some good pull enabling me to skud down wind (about 10 – 15m) and it started to show its potential for plenty of lift – unlike the Sammi and one of the reasons I bought this kite. The control through the bar was excellent, with subtle movements of the bar resulting in subtle movements of the kite. But pull hard on one side and the kite responds in kind, with a tight hard turn. The feedback through the bar was good. Without looking at the kite and while it moved through the window, I was able to feel the change in direction, power and wind strength (sounds a bit Jedi I know). To my surprise the gust absorber (a dense foam cylinder on the depower line, which the bar pushes against when the kite is caught by a gust) seamed took work and did absorb some of that excess energy. My hour of fun was then up and I had to pack away and head back into work. Following an e-mail from Gary at www.airbosswold.co.uk I was told that the problems with the kite collapsing and small wind window should resolve with the 6m line extensions and as the kite settles in. This has also been suggested by other members of the forum. My initial impression, following the early frustration is - that this is going to be a very stable kite, quick to turn and with the potential for loads of power and lift but with the controllability and safety of the depower. Yellow (I mean gold!) wouldn’t normally be my first choice of colour for a kite, but it looks great when flying. Nevertheless it is going to need the line extensions; I am not sure why flysurfer sell the kite with the 18m lines. The line extensions – four lengths of 6m sleeved and looped dyneema colour coded to match the lines on the kite. Easily attached in 5-10 minutes. Increases the total line length to 24m – lets see what difference these make to the performance. In theory, they should increase the size of the wind window, improve low wind performance and overall give an increase in the stability, power and lift. The only draw back is they may take some of the edge off the handling as shorter lines tend to equal greater responsiveness. Harlech Beach, North Wales With the line extensions attached I took the kite out for a couple of hours on the beach. Wind blowing 8 mph (approx.), sun shining and the beach was very quiet considering it was 20°C, the tide was just about on its way out when we arrived. Unpacked, bar out of the bag unwound the lines (no tangles) and staked it out through the safety on the RKL. Went back to the bag and got out the kite, unfolded it and it instantly filled and sat there like an eager puppy, ready to fly. I returned to the bar attached the RKL to the spreader on the harness, hooked into the depower loop and up it went straight to the zenith with a nice steady pull where it sat. I added a slight bit of trim, to prevent it overflying and it sat there happily with only minor touches on the bar to keep its position. I spent a good 1 ½ hours just static flying it, getting used to the size of the wind window and the feeling of the power zone, lift etc. This kite is awesome, with the line extensions it is very stable, and the wind window is huge. It is pretty quick through the air and I would imagine the speed would increase with the wind speed. It turns on its wing tips and at no point was there any sign of the tips collapsing or luffing. There is no or very minimal loss of responsiveness with the line extensions, and the bar forces allow for constant feedback at all times. The power delivery is smooth and constant through-out the middle of the window and as you near the top the lift kicks in. I was able to scud effortlessly and spent 10 minutes filling my shorts with sand while butt scudding and having a real laugh. I managed a few small jumps (2 or 3 feet high) I am positive these will be bigger with more wind. For the last ½ hour I tried it out with my board, I am still in the early stages of board riding, but this kite dramatically increased my ability, as I was able to do a few good runs and stay in control and slide to a stop – fantastic! it was the best session I have had for ages. Overall I rate this kite very highly; my initial concerns have been wiped out with the introduction of the line extensions (why don’t flysurfer sell this kite with the longer lines?). It is well made, looks fantastic in the air, and has great smooth power delivery and the potential for loads of lift. It is quick through the air and turns on a wing tip, but is hugely stable and with the line extensions doesn’t luff or collapse. The safety systems work well and are easy to reassemble. The kite can easily be launched and landed if you are on you own. I would recommend it for static flying and boarding and in particular on the board my confidence and ability have increased dramatically with this kite. If you are considering a depowerable foil take a look at the rookie2 as you get a lot of kite for your cash and the performance to match. I will update this review once I have had more flying time and experience. Mark
  7. OK.... some of you might have read my review of LAST years hotshot Arc kite... the Phantom... well.... I got bored, a new model was launched and "Oh please yourself" DOES mean " go and buy those expensive new toys my love!" So there we are.. the kites hit the importers, I turn off my mobile phone and go on a "mercy dash" for my local kite store!! My poor car takes a beating as the Satnav fails miserably to find the God forsaken fenland backwater where my new toys sit forlornly in brightly coloured bags awaiting my inept ministrations. At long last I decide that MUST be the place and dive in.... sure enough the door is answered by the Kite Keeper and I am ushered in to the inner sanctum of UK arc flying!! There they are a huge (ish) pile of bags marked "Venom"!! Our allocation is passed over to me and NO amount of begging will get an extra 19m one thrown onto the pile.... 3 in the country it seems and we get ONE! The 100 miles back home takes an eternity. The car is filled with the smell of new kite... my excitement levels are raised... the clouds grow darker and more worrisome by the mile. Sure enough.... raindrops smear my windscreen as I get within miles of home! The magical bounty is unloaded and the first owners in Nottinghamshire rush away from the shop in a state of extreme anticipation!! On arrival at adamski towers the boy is summoned to inspect our new kites... he grunts in teenage..... a rough translation would seem to be... "nice!" We check all NON flying aspects of the "new toys" (she really should get more involved!) out. The bag...and this pleases us greatly, expands AND has a handy "tube" bag inside for carrying the kite in fixed pole mode. Pockets.. yup plenty! PLUS the Spars fit in a pocket at the back of the pack stopping last years "oh there they are" moments as a carbon fibre splinter shoots up behind a fingernail!! The instructional video is now a DVD and it has a few extra bits on it. We are tight so went for kite only deals... we are running on 03 bars rather than 04s so need to add knottage to the front pigtails. Upon unfurling the kites we were startled by the extreme redness and blueness of the colour schemes.... some seem cursed with an attack of the pink foppishness... happily not ours!! Please be aware that these kites seem to be made VERY well just not with hidden seams and double thickness stuff. not worse than Ozone or Flysurfer just slightly more "agricultural"! Spar removal is better due to the eezee out system... just pull the white ribbon and they slide up the pocket and out of the kite! (please take GREAT care of these spars, they break far too easily!) After much looking, stroking and general kite worship we put them away and my boy decides they will stop in his room until flight day. Saturday comes , the wind sitting at about 13-17mph..... the 13m Venom comes out and is set up! The zip at each tip trick is great, MUCH easier to inflate fully than the zip in the middle one. We set the internal strap to half way and leave it there! It DOES take an hour or so of faffing about to get the pigtails at the correct length.... about 20cm from the end seems best. So.... come on adamski..spill the beans.... what they like? We have been flying them for 4 months or so now and REALLY can't believe what a leap forward these are. OK, setting up and packing them away is a total arseache sometimes!! NO easy out and tug the centrelines with ANY arc kite (yet!) but other than this ..... Launching.... they have more cells than previous Arcs.... this makes them stiffer. NO more of the Phantomesque bow-tie and death spin launches.... get it 75% full and up she goes!! The Venom WILL steer on max depower too, quite an eye opener that one... going back to an earlier Arc can seem VERY fluffy! Flying.... LOVELY! depower and the "oh my GOD where did that lofting come from!!" moments are cut RIGHT back.... two so far and that was down to stupidly gusty and turbulent conditions! The venoms are MUCH faster flying and turning than the Phantoms, our 60 cm bar is almost in retirement.. the 16 flies on 40 or 50 bar! Bar feel is GREATLY improved too, Phantoms and G's could feel a little too remote for some, the venoms are still nice and light but react more quickly and precisely than earlier Peter Lynns. I have a guilty secret.... I am deeply crap on my board! My Son is amazing... I try not ot be too upset by this!! I have been mainly looking after the safety side for my boy and doing some static flying. I got going on the Phantoms and got some static jumps going on but much more was beyond me, I just couldn't get it sorted. The Boy had huge jumps down and was improving. His first run on the Venoms and he gets one of the highest jumps I have seen him do! He comes back in ALL smiles and teen jabber.... again the translation seems to be "nice!" The Venoms are different to the phantoms in that they DON'T need huge speed to get jumping high! PLUS the float is vastly improved... he spends much longer sat in the air doing stuff.....in fact just last week he did a jump, got nice and high..... then sat there! He looked up at the kite, down at the floor, did a quick board off then waited to come down! He is quite good at this kiting lark though. I did mention that I am not too hot on a board? Well..... can I recommend Venoms to anyone wanting to improve. My son got sick of looking at me flailing about then falling over at the end of the run and took pity long enough to give me a quick lesson! I went from upright with straight legs to nice bent knees, taking my weight through the harness and getting decent speed in an hour or so. An hour later and I was sending the kite and doing (very small) jumps! I am now happy tootling about and doing my own Meta freestyle tricks (just like real freestyle only much smaller and kind of unpredictable). ALSO for the learner, providing you have a big enough kite/enough wind you will benefit from the Venom safety system...when you do something too stupid for even an Arc to protect you they float you down! I was trundling along, did a "jump" and landed sort of mankily...highsided my board and waited for the "thump" of adamski whacking the floor..... didn't happen.... i just touched down and lay there with the kite gently bobbing me up and down as it sat at the Zenith waiting for the stupid bloke to try again!! So... who would I recommend gets one or two of these? ANYONE doing a board sport that can live with the set up and pack down routine! ARE they better than earlier models? Yes, they are stiffer, more responsive and even MORE idiot proof. We will be out on the water in the next week or two so an update of the wet side will be forthcoming once I stop drinking sea water and can get splashing about! By : adamski
  8. Guest

    Ozone Access 3M

    I picked up the Access a while ago as I had been thinking about the de-power foil for use in the buggy and on the board. Ozone bills it as an 'entry level de-power foil designed with ease of use for backcountry snowboarding in mind'. It's an easy kite to use, with lots of pull, but with next to no lift, making it great for the buggy. It dosnt seem to have the low end power of the Samurai in the same size but I got this for a high wind kite in mind. When the wind picks up this kite takes off great. The Access 3M retails for 570.00 US The kite comes with everything you need; bar and lines, chicken loop. Donkey dick, repair patches and of course, ozone keyring. Everything is the usual incredible build quality seen with every ozone product. The access comes with the Ozone re-ride safety system as seen on the '05/'06 frenzy, and works perfectly, any trouble just give it a pull and you are instantly safe. It is easy to re -rig in seconds and your flying again. It also has the new chicken loop safety just in case. A quick pull and your away from the kite completely. The Access is made from Ozone's 40d nylon, It is nice and light, well made, and ready to fly right out of the bag. The kite is designed to be flown unhooked also, in that it comes with a wrist leash which you can attach to the handbrake. I fly it with a harness 99% of the time but unhooked it is great as well. The kite fly's very predictable and smooth, it is Very stable and has no lift whatsoever, in any wind. It is designed as a beginner's de-power foil and was designed with no lift. It powers up smooth and has plenty of juice when needed. I think this would be a really safe and easy kite for anyone to learn to fly with. The Access works great in the buggy. It has really good upwind performance, and performs incredibly well. The upwind really impressed me. Any time I feel a little over powered just push the bar out and the power lets up. Also works great in gusty winds and you can chill out the power with the bar also. Overall I am really happy with the Access 3M Looking forward to getting on with a larger one next. It is a good kite. Quality is awesome, The bar and lines are top notch. The bar for the 3 is also pretty small which works great in the buggy as well. Most times I fly with handles as a bar was always awkward to me in the buggy. The access bar is fine, very light and well made. On the board it works fine also for higher winds. Just know ahead of time it wasn't designed to be a lifty kite. Lots of pull and power though makes up for that. By : Wind Powered
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