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  1. Video coming soon you gangsters Inner city Venturi hunting in storms pays off
  2. What are you guys on about ? 😆😄 I havent been south of townsville since january
  3. Ay all So one my tubes has been forced out mid flight and its now looking like a pair of bell bottoms as opposed to stove pipes bit far away from getting a new spar just wondering if anyones had any luck clamping and tapeing them. If so what tape to use? Or should i just fashion some sort of collar to slide onto it? Ill get some photos tomorrow so this gibberish makes sense
  4. Doing silly things for views can only lead to good things
  5. 9m 2013 chaos with bar and pump $900 (no damage rips or repairs etc great condition) 11m ozone C4 2015 with bar $1500 (perfect condition) 2013 cabrinha xcaliber 136 with pads $500 (no damage except corners lifted off a tiny bit but were araldited back down years ago still great condition) 2014 cabinha custom CBL 140 board only $350 (looks new no damage or anything mild scratching on the ptex base great condition) pickup gold coast or i can post at buyers expense aprox $50 per item
  6. please plummet dont show us all your toys. just the sporting goods this time im still scarrd from last time.
  7. Pressure testing your mates wing is a pretty standard affair john. Never flown with jb before but if I did I would be staying well clear and watching from afar as I do with all the acro monkeys :-) if you want to see some crazy shit the gradient lads have some very cool synchro routines. Just search for gradient team freestyle
  8. hmmmm....to propeller a kite is.....just like a stationary (wind window wise) continuous kite loop right? didnt know the sonics could do that
  9. called him up other day says hes got instructors and its end of the season. so now im curious as to where will be begining season jan/feb/march in nz?
  10. plummet me and my partner need kitesurf instructing jobs in new zealand. know any schools that need a school manager + 1 instructor or just 2 instructors? currently working in paragliding but need to be back where we belong plus i hear it pays around $40 an hour
  11. Cuyu is also pretty nice if you want to avoid boracay and everything asias number 1 tourist beach brings. I lived on boracay for only half a year but that was long enough to hate all the touts and realise if I had stayed much longer I should consider getting a bodyguard like what 70%? The long term expats have on the island.... why is that anyways? At first I was kind of shocked about it but after ahwhile it kind of just made sense. Its not like the dudes wandering around in a suit with a earpiece but it helps to have someone you can just call incase someone decides they want some of the money your earning on the island to feed there kids. I knew a guy who had lived on the island for over 20 years and he still had nearly every taut harassing him daily on white beach where he walked to and from work every damn day. Gotto say tho if you want a crazy month of kiteing and partying it cant be beat. But after a month of it it all just gets kind of sad a samey. Children pulling food from burning rubbish piles and shit like that gets a little unnerveing whats worse is you get used to it. Now what reef retreat said is right there is some cheap accomodation on the island. Just not in any of the hotels or resorts but there are some little unit sort of places in a village that the filo tourists use. I found that pretty good. What I found intresting tho was how everyone allmost spites you like your supposed to be this rich westerner. You can end up paying alot more for alot less then you can in australia. A backpackers in cairns is like 10$ a night theres heeeeaps of places on boracay waaaaaay worse then a cairns backpackers for like 30$ a night. But you know a bbq chickens 160 peso (theyll try charge you 200 tho) and I eventually found a "room" kinda just slept on a buddys balcony/room sort of thing for $5 a night had my kite gear chained to a structual bit of the house (bamboo) so wed all wake up if someone tried takeing it .... what the fuck am I even talking for hahaha Anyways reef retreat didnt mean to shit on your parade but I accidently gave a crate of beer to your reception when you were away one time because I had it mixed up with the other reef retreat sounding resort place. Anyways all good hahahaha
  12. hi selling an 11m frenzy green and white used on snow half a dozen times looked after as if it was a paraglider so perfect condition looking for around $900 comes wih bag lines etc etc free postage at asking price for new zealand. not sure if this photo will work here but worth a shot https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater
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