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  1. Wise


    Hows it going Got my first kite in feb Beamer IV 2m very nice little kite just to get used to the power and how to fly. I also had a 4m on its way Becuase i knew once the bug came along i'd be under powered for out here. I picked the bug up on saturday last week not ever using one and met up with some of the brisy boys for some tips and bit of a sesh that afternoon. Must say alot harder then what i thought it was going to be but after awhile i was getting the hang of it. Next day took it out at home here on the farm, went ok but had a long walk back to the car. third time i went out i picked a different spot and got some good speed but very not good trying to learn with too much wind hitting 35-40Km/H. after getting tea bag and wind gusting up and remembering what wolfie had told me (walk before you run) i decided to call it . Yesterday looked out and had good wind nice and easy about 25-30km/h pulled the 4m out and away i went for an hour or so before lunch managed to hit 33.4 km/h on the bug not too bad i thought for the 4th time out getting better turns are working, playing with brakes to see how that affected things. After lunch while wind was still in top form i thought i'd better get back out there and learn as much as i can while i got good air. So i'd thought i'd try going along one of our roads and get used to going slightly up and down wind. Being a harder then the feild i thought i'd get some good speed going. after about 45mins of playing in the dust thought i'd have a little rest i checked out my gps that was around my neck 52.1km/h VERY HAPPY WITH THAT. I thought for the 5th time in the bug its not to bad. Next step 60km/h see if i can take a better pick next time.... Cheers Lance
  2. Bump, kite still for sale. give me your best price
  3. yeah both still for sale, sorry havn't been on here for ages only just seen the message today
  5. just some pics of the kites...........
  6. I'll get some pictures up over the weekend. kites must go, give me a fair price and i'll think about it.
  7. yeah all in there bar, lines and bag. as new. i don't have any pictures.
  8. Ok really haven't done any kiting this year too busy or the wind just crazy, smash your leg sorta stuff any way thought i'd would put the 2 kites i haven't used up for sale. HQ Montna 6 12m -$950 Used unrolled and put the lines on thats it. Peter Lynn Venom II 13m - $600 I haven't used it, bought it second hand but it was only used 3-4 times if that, looks new. only unrolled it a few times to have a look. Open to all offers, postage from Bowenville/Toowoomba Qld. Cheers Lance
  9. Wise

    Defensive Driving

    my bro was going to work at one before he got offered a better job. I can find out what one it was and let you know.
  10. Wise

    Defensive Driving

    my bro was going to work at one before he got offered a better job. I can find out what one it was and let you know.
  11. shot gun would of been way more fun, not a fan of face book either
  12. going to see if us 4 can make it. might even try to teach the bro in-law before then drag him up and the sister up.
  13. I went up when i was 12 with an ex world champ, in an un power glider, loops rolls and stalls. very very cool, if only it was easier to fly
  14. Wise

    I'm back!!

    thanks wolfie, i'll see ya as soon as i get some spare time.
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