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  1. Hi Joel, Does the kite have a bag? Cheers Jay
  2. happy birthday @ssayre, hope you have good winds in the coming year.
  3. best wishes Doug and Mary. hope you have an awesome day. Jay
  4. I think the reason pansh can offer such cheap prices is 1, the build quality is not quite as good (getting closer though) as other brands. 2, the quality control is quite poor, (i have had to heavily adjust the bridles on all three of my pansh kites as they would not sit at the zenith out of the bag). 3, very limited after sales support, (just by going on what I read online for this one) at the end of the day if you are looking for something better in any of these areas it seems you would be best to pay the extra $ for one of the other mainstream brands.
  5. Thanks @Mik333 & @the_hatman OBE for the advice.
  6. Love it John, Hopefully I can be as lucky with my scrounging. Good thing is with winter set in, I have time on my side to hunt. 7000 K's , well at least I know ill only need to have one set for a very long time.
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I'd love to, (Really enjoyed taking @Chook's out for a spin @ Kingston), but I just don't have the cash to be even halfway there. If its still for sale once I have sold some of my other toys and I can be decent about my offer I will definitely consider it.
  8. Thanks for the info @igeighty Well I'll be ! they are the same tyre, I must be blind. So it looks like including shipping it would be about $400 all up to completely set myself up with these. I would be using the adaptors to start with until I upgrade my rear axle. My bug is a Rockville Classic, the forks on it now won't suit but I will make some new ones up from steel If I do end up getting Midis, so no need to measure up for me. I may have to just get some standard Fallshaw barrow wheels for now though as $400 is a fair way over budget. At least I know how much I am up for when I do decide to go wide
  9. As my bug has serious egg shape in the rims that cause me to fear for my life when I hit 35 kph I started to look at new tyre / rim combinations that make for a smooth ride but are still affordable. I really like the size / profile of the tyres on @Chook's sysmic and came across these which I think may be similar. https://www.geotyres.com.au/16x6-50-8-k401-8-ply-kenda-straight-rib-tyre/ Has anyone had experience with these tyres? If so any Ideas on the rims they would fit on and where to get them.
  10. I've had to put this one on the backburner Mez as the shed is full of projects I need to finish before I can fit it in. I did start to look around for an old windsurfer mast and sail to use but no luck yet. Hopefully when the weather warms up I will get more inspired to get it done.
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