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  1. Thanks for the great old pics! I started out on a PL ARC 840 in 2003. Terrifying. 13 years ago now, been exploring the mountains with a kite every season since and never looked back. Australia's season may be short and the access not always easy but it has great mountains for snowkiting. Here are some pics from the summit ridges of Feathertop and Bogong a couple of weeks ago: ..and top of Kos in the mid noughties: ..and an early season vid from last year:
  2. Kite was SOLD - to Alex Sanz of all people!
  3. Bump - make an offer and get out snowkiting this winter!
  4. Still here boss! (still shaking the bush boss!)
  5. Hi, good question. My 10 cents: Unless you are on super hard snow or ice your lines will probably come out OK after being run over. I used to break lines by snagging them on rocks when looping up a slope, now I just keep the lines crossed like in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFpwmaGfZ3s&feature=youtu.be I haven't broken a line in years. I am an explorer, rather than a sessioner, so I always carry 2 kites, each with bar and lines. Worst case scenario I can cannibalise the lines off the kite you are not using. I also carry a set of 10m extender lines for the really light day
  6. I haven't used my 8m Ozone Manta 2 for a long long time so it has to go. (plus I need some $ get a new water kite) This kite is basically brand new, barely even bedded in. It was purchased brand new and has been used only twice: - In 2012 for a couple of days in the Cock's harbour area. (trip info with photos here) - In 2013 for half a day on Carruthers East ridge in Spring. Why so little use? Well, I am not a freestyle/lawn-mowing sort of snowkiter, I tend to go out exploring and for this I prefer a two-kite system of a 5m Frenzy and either 11m Frenzy or 15m Summit. Includes, backpack,
  7. This trip gets done every other year, Nik Norman and team pioneered it in 2005. (though Siorapaluk is a few kms further up the coast I suppose) good luck to them, Wish I was there. Hope they take some kites that have better upwind ability - they will only get the katabatics behind them in the last few hundred km or so
  8. Nice work Marty. Counting down the days - want to head further out on the crags this year.
  9. Agh - you lucky bugger! I know exactly what I would be doing in your situation - hope you can link up with the right locals to get some gold. I expect some flying tips from you next winter OK? Cheers, P.
  10. I have been kiting the NSW backcountry for many years. These days I take a 4.5m Smartkite and an 11m Frenzy, both on 30m lines. The Smartkite is a brilliant kite for NSW. Ozone Access quality is not what it used to be. Small Frenzies are good, tough kites - think they come in a 5m size. One thing us for sure - NSW high country conditions are unique - a kite that feels good when flown elsewhere is no guarantee of performance and safety out in the hills - just get something 4-6m and get out there next season. I'll be there.
  11. Good one, The terrain between North Ramshead and Ramshead is world class kiting when the conditions are good and the cornices are formed.
  12. Yeh, that new FS kite looks to be the goods for lightweight backcountry snowkite touring. That said, I reckon wait a few months and see how they go for durability before trying one. Lots of ice, shrubs, granite and snowgums to negotiate if you want to go snowkite touring in Australia.
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