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  1. Thanks for the feed back guys. Looks like we will be snow kiting from this weekend if it clears, we've had the snow we need so it could be on
  2. Finally I finished my video from last years snow kite season here in Australia. Last year I scored multiple days with the best conditions I've ever seen.Let's all hope that we get enough snow this week to kick off this years season.
  3. Thanks for the support guy's . The hill gliding is my favourite thing to do on a kite but you need the right wind and the right hills for that wind.
  4. Here's a video I made of the highlights from the first 3 days of snow kiting this season. It's been so good this year, I've had 6 awesome days so far and it still early days for the kiting season. So far we've had almost 2 metres of snow in the back country this winter and every snow fall has have gale force winds. This has resulted in huge cornices to play on everywhere . The next couple of months are going to be sick!!! Feel free to share it if you like it. https://vimeo.com/101717429
  5. Its winter, come down to the snow and do some snow kiting.
  6. Thanks Andy666 , we've been in contact thru the FB page "kosi kiters" Cheers, Marty
  7. Here's a quick video of one of my flights https://vimeo.com/100782349
  8. Hi ssayre I'm actually flying into the wind with the bar spun around 180, its a bit like paragliding using the wind blowing up the hill. The last photo is me looping up the hill , then i just turn around and fly down Thanks Darren Nah, Pat hasn't come out yet, i bet he's keen to get down here soon.Epic snow cover at the moment, if anyone was thinking of snow kiting , this season is the one to try it out.
  9. First time gliding here in Australia and what a day!!! Blue skys, perfect wind and mad hills to fly off.
  10. Thanks Clive. I like number 2 the best SoutherlyBuster, yeah you can get some speed up,78km/h is my best.
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