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  1. Nice one mate! Jealous as F@#%..... Spose Spiersy's been out there somewhere too?
  2. Nice pics Pat....Icecream headaches for your feet doing the crossing!
  3. Couple of pics.....Pat, Marty & Co. from the weekend.
  4. Wasn't all that good wind wise but we managed to make the most of things. Tim was the only one powered up really. Hope you get one last crack Pat. D and I will be floating around next weekend and things are looking good.
  5. Sorry you missed the wind. I was feeling very guilty for pulling the pin on friday......Nice day out anyway by the looks of it.
  6. Very interested to see how this one goes! I thought I was one of the only people on the planet that wanted a hardboot option for snowboarding. Although I was thinking Dynafit on the board (without splitting) so I can take skis that can actually be used as skis.
  7. Looks like I made the wrong decision.
  8. Nice one! Pulled the pin on Coota friday arvo otherwise the hut would have been full of my junk. Great to see decent cover still.
  9. Thanks for the link
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