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  1. That IS good for sup too Inbetween i know. I will. Water relaunch thé ss with .Legs as anchor. Standing UP thé sup moves to thé kite before kite elevates( in strong winds) https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=2094277587354746&_rdr Thé NASAs hold better shape than thé rédux. Ss kites are light!!
  2. street star is a time saver pack out and go i hav used it on grass with fatbike and mountainboard from 2 beaufort having short bridles you can sail in paths with trees where a peak 3 no lines can t , being twice longer ? i switch to 4 25m lines depower bar when i need more power i hav used nasawing and npw9 , but prefer the street star
  3. pushing, paddling, pumping, sliding and offroad rough stuff wheel can master some paths
  4. i intend to use this combo for cross country sailing on paths and roads it s easier to bike back than doing the same on a dirtsurfer or mountainbord , also the fat has more off road ability and it s fun normally i hav one hand on the handlebar
  5. very good surfskate with cx4 kind of trucks easier to pump than a longboard https://euroskateshop.fr/nkd-the-bubble-surfskate.html
  6. a 2m skateboard with one body board under each trucks may be pumpable if it floats i hav tried to pump my sup , the arm movements are transfered to the fin and it propels the board but that s slow may be 4 kmh
  7. i am surprised an ergo bar with more angle is more efficient i will use the pansh too on my sup
  8. I will padlle and. Sail down the loire end june.
  9. ergo as depower bar i was bored to carry a depower bar plus street star
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr1XFGCIMFA
  11. Wind weapon style is a great help in low winds and for smaller people. You can hold the wing sideway
  12. I find kw is more secure than street star , depower is faster That said i didn t use any quick relase like stefan only hooked depower and i used a leash with the kw
  13. Attach a bamboo plus boom to a kite and you can kitewing , it take 5 minutes Diadrehal is no obstacle to windsurf use. The wind force tends to stick the mast to the board
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