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  1. Encouraging vid, makes me want to get out and Land SUP again. Northern Kites Australia ??
  2. Congratulations Darren ?????
  3. Welcome 2017, and a Happy New Year to all . I hope it's a windy, kite friendly , safe, accident free, injury free, year for you guys, and that you get the time to go kite when the wind is right. ?????
  4. My Trampa is for kite, and I'm experimenting with my Scrub, but some advice, when messing around feeling which bushings are best make sure no curbs near by. I had an 'ouch' moment and spoilt my boarding for a week or so. Hit the curb,( going at a snail pace) , and bindings held me tight and went over twisting my ankle , I thought the bushings were soft enough to let me miss the curb, but no, they weren't . One of those 'look stupid' moments in slow motion, then trying to quickly, ..ouch, get up, looking around to see if anyone saw my embarrassing moment, then with a 'limp' limp, try to get in
  5. Does pumping/LDP come in the 'purist' category plummet ? How about using gravity with a longboard on some long down hills ?
  6. Hope you all have a nice Christmas and Santa brings you all the kiting goodies you asked him for. He has a soft spot for kiters As he is a big air fan himself, and he doesn't even need much wind, he has reindeer power. Hope you guys down under don't get sunburnt. Have fun and enjoy this holiday season?☀️???
  7. Bigger riser blocks, or extra ones , slightly harder boardside barrel bushings along with cup washers should sort the wheelbite out. I don't know if the Kranx powerstik are still for sale, you need to contact them.
  8. Fly safe, fly carefully, fly sensibly , fly respectfully (to wind, kite and site) . My learning curve has always been slow, soft and carefully with risk assessments as long as my arm, ( you may say I'm boring and over causous ) I don't jump in head on and 'just go for it' when dealing with Mother Nature when she can be unpredictable, I've had my near miss moments and the odd bruise to go with it, but I'm always watching the weather and being aware what the wind and clouds are doing whilst I'm enjoying my kite session. A lot of the time it's just me on my site with the odd passer by (which
  9. So you are more concerned about losing a kite site than the welfair of the injured person ? Would having insurance made any difference ? I doubt it, if the injured party wanted to threaten and push the council, the council would just put a ban on it anyway. If the councils require insurance to fly then they realise the risks involved and just want to make sure they don't get blamed for any incedents . It's all about money, not the welfair and safety of the individual. So will having insurance make you a safer, considerate , a better more proficient kiter ?, or maybe "I'm insured I'm ok, I ca
  10. So, wind is free, the beach is empty, ( except for the odd dead crab or dead fish ), so why bother with third party insurance ? , in fact , any insurance ? Its an 'extreme' sport, its on your own head, so why bother, you know the risks ! Or do you try and kite in a buisy park/beach/area, where the risk of an accident with joe public is there ?! Public race events where every pilot has to have insurance makes more sense, asthe risk of an incedent is high, but what about the average kiter that doesnt race ? Here is me, ive only been power kiting since year 2000 , and have NEVER h
  11. There are lots of different ways of powering your board. But what do you think of the 'E Paddle' http://www.epaddle.net/ im thinking of making a cross between the e paddle and the powerstick ( Kranx) https://www.kranx.ca/
  12. Moroni-10

    Competition Time!!

    Yayyyyyy, nice one guys ??. I wannnnntt one !!. Im onnitt , look out for my new discussion topic on the forum ?
  13. So would large scooter wheels fit a skate truck ?
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