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  1. Sonic fr v1 and F-one diabolo v1 are similar in performance, however the F-one has slightly better upwind performance. @socommk233 and I have raced an approx 2 mile distance and the diabolo beat the sonic by approx 30 meters. I am heavier than Russ so not sure if pilot weight matters once on the roll ?. The diabolo has better bar pressure and handling than the sonic. I found that the sonic sometimes jellyfishes in strong winds, not sure if this takes away from the performance, it's just someting you need to get use to,but I have not witnessed this effect with the diabolo (and am keen to see if it still happens with the sonic v2). At the moment, it's down to price....v2 diabolo is plenty more money to fork out to own compared to the sonic v2! I would personally go the sonic route if using with a buggy. Our races do not have as long reaches as foilboard races, so there is less opportunity to see the true performance advantages of a kite with a very expensive price tag. F-one have simply priced themselves out of the compitition.... ?
  2. I'm only stumbling onto this thread now....how did I miss it? We are all pushing each other is this amazing sport/hobby. What I do today will be broken the next and no doubt there will be me or someone else trying to hit the next record....and why not. At the end of the day, my most happiest place is under a kite looking left, looking right and seeing my mates flying with me....the rest is all gravy. In life we all set ourselves challenges. I promise you that Tami did not put the brakes on at 58mph, she would have achieved a speed that her kite and conditions would have allowed her to reach. It just so happened to be 58mph, BUT it could have been 68mph, who knows.....she did not stop at 58mph because she is a girl and she had broken the girls record, absolutely not(!). Us girlies in this sport will continue to encourage and support all flyers to do their best, male and female. It's historic that there is a male and female category in most things. I am happy that I and the rest of the girls in this sport who show enthusiasm and courage are recognized, there is not enough female pilots amongst the community of kiters and encouragement go a long way.
  3. Thanks to all the well wishers!! A fantastic event was held at Hoylake. Wednesday was a practice day and out came the 11m Sonic and we all enjoyed hooling around (take a look the the Bicycle Productions video on my fb page). I am thoroughly enjoying flying the Sonics and love the performance of the kite. Racing officially started on the Thursday. The wind was turned up to HIGH and the beach was WET. Not a good combination especially when the wind blew the tide in and behind one of the marks at the end of a long reach. Race 1, lap 1 saw me upfront and I rounded the mark and crashed into the sea! First time ever upfront and I crash into the bloody sea! But I managed to stay in my buggy and recover the kite...over the course of the 3 laps of that race I had 3 brown pants moments and with that I changed down from the 9m Sonic to a 3m Brooza (lol) for the rest of the day's racing. I finished the 1st days racing in 7th overall position. On Friday we faced strong winds again, but the beach had dried nicely making the flying conditions more manageable. I flew the 1st 2 races on the 11m Sonic and changed down to the 9m for the last 2 races. Staying on depower suited me well and I finished the day in 6th position (7th still overall). Saturday was a beautiful summers day with very light wind. Lacking a kite bigger than the 11m meant that although I started the race, I was unable to finished a lap and crawled back to the pits to enjoy watching a 3 lap race finish in roughly 1;30hrs (last pilot to finish the race took just over 2hrs to complete). I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine watching the big kites do their thing and was also lucky enough to score enough points the previous 2 days to retain 7th overall position. As to the team event, Ryan McGavin, Chris Wilson a my scores were low enough to win England the trophy for best team. Meaning I walked away with 1st Ladies and Winning Team trophy's.......happy days!!!!
  4. Hello All, This week I will be joining in with the fun at Hoylake (near Liverpool, UK) where a 4 Nations kite buggy race is being held. Presently there is 26 pilots agreed to take part (as per the fb page) and with winds forecast, its going to be good going!! I'm making my way up to Hoylake tomorrow where there is a practice day and then racing will be held over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (8th Sep - 10th Sep). It will be the first time I am racing with Flysurfer Sonics (v1). Unfortunately Russ (@socommk233) will not be there with his 11m Diabilo, so will not be able to feedback the difference in performance between the 2 kites, however I'm interested on how the Sonics will fair up against Ozone R1 (v1 & v2) and the rest of the depower fleet - we do have a Peter Lynn Aero in the fleet too......so wish me luck! I will return to post up an update and some pictures, however it will be at the end of the event. If you want to see more 'up to date' feedback, either check out my fb page (there is only 1 Karen Cutbush ) or the 4 Nations fb page. Feel free to pop down if you are in the area, it will be great to have the support!! Cheers KarenK53
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