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  1. As Sandmonster put it; "New decade, new thread".........and then there's - new website. Kicking off an Ainsdale beach thread. Hoping it'll get used as much as the old one. A few bits of maybe useful stuff; Sefton Councils regs about kiting on the beach; https://www.sefton.gov.uk/around-sefton/coast-countryside/kite-zone-permit.aspx One thing to note on that link - for the last few years the Summer map parking isn't happening it's just the Winter zone map to pay attention to throughout the year. From March till the end of September it's £8 to park on the beach (cash only as of September 2020) - You can park free at the Rangers hut (turn left just before the beach entrance and drive 200yds) but you'll need to hoof your stuff over the dunes. Kite addicts wind info; https://www.kiteaddicts.co.uk/kitesurfing-spots/spot/Ainsdale A few Ainsdale pictures I took from years ago
  2. Hi all. Me and a mate (Duane) meet up every Saturday, if weathers ok, at Hall Place. We’re there from around 6pm. we fly in the far field across the stream. If you want to meet up just put a post on here or turn up one Saturday. Hope to see a few new faces there soon Steve
  3. thought it was time to make a new thread as other 1 was gettin long hows it goin u all been out much? hope to c u all down there at some point
  4. Time to start a new thread as the old one is up to the 99th page and I spoke to Neil to ask when we needed a new one and he said at 100 pages. So here it is
  5. eXtremeKiteShop thread #1 Hello and welcome to EKS kite club (eXtremeKiteShop), we are a group of friendly kiters of all ages. We spend most of our flying time on one of the biggest and best inland flying field's in the U.K. We are based in Kempsey, Worcester (WR5 3PA) We fly on a turf farm so as you can imagine the quality of grass is just out of this world. Also space is no longer an issue here, with over 300 acres of the smoothest turf you will not get bored. You have a gentle hill for those wanting to get big airs and a huge flat field for those speed runs. Most of the time we get clean strong winds from all directions. As this is our new location we now have the kite shop on the field, so when the weather turns you have a place to shelter and keep warm. We also have a small kitchen so your welcome to make a hot drink and food. We now have toilets and shower facilities making camp overs and festivals much nicer as you can have a shower after a hard days kiting. We think the best thing about having the shop on the kiting field is that it's so much easier to look at a kite before you buy. Also if your unlucky and you manage to break your equipment you won't have to stop your session as you can purchase a replacement in the shop. Visit our websiteto find out more information on our new location and directions We look forward in seeing you soon, eXtremeKitehop http://i729.photobucket.com/albums/ww300/jhbuyhgubuy/fourth%20to%20sixth%20eks%20fest/DSC04823.jpg
  6. Hi there and welcome to the 49th edition of the Sutton Park Flyers thread originating in June 2003. Here you will find info and chat from the central Midlands area. we have buggys and boards, singles liners to quad liners, we tend to fly at Sutton Oak Road ~ Kingstanding alot but our main home is Sutton Park (few restrictions on at mo). We are always arranging away days/weekends.. so feel free to join in............. To join us at Sutton Oak Road (SOR) please download a membership form from the spflyers.org web site, this can be found as a link on the members page, Insurance and helmet are mandatory for your own protection and those around you. (fill it in & bring it along with you to pass to a committee member) Please note Sutton Park is ok to static fly but BUGGIES or BOARDS are NOT PERMITTED. Dont forget to rate our thread "lets see them stars shine"
  7. Hi all we are holding a camp over on friday 28th july to sunday 30th July all welcome members are free non members £10 per unit/family we will have our children with us so family's are more than welcome we are hoping to have a barbecue Saturday night and fry ups both mornings at a small charge which is only to cover costs if interested please let me no
  8. We are filming a TV Channel Ident on Tuesday 11th July & we are looking for a few extras to come along to Saunton Sands for an hour. The client is the Premier League's TV channel and we are looking for a handful of people to come along and do nothing more taxing than stretch out on a beach towl. Contact matthew.marcroft@img.com for details, if interested. Unfortunately, we won't being filming your kiting skills on this occasion but I am hoping to get a sesh in once we've finished, if the wind plays ball!
  9. Welcome to the Buggy Nuts Thread Number 27...(ish) We welcome all sorts in here, members of the Round Table, Mormons, Illuminati and Golfers are all welcome with open arms... (Well apart from those gimp suit wearing, gay boy kitesurfers ) (oh and owners of plastic bodied, glorified kit cars, TVRs are a prime example of what i mean, Aren't welcome either...) We are a group of fliers from the Peterborough area, With the odd freak from the Southampton area, and the lone oddity that is Mark Rose from over in New Zealand... Anyway, helloooo
  10. Hi we at kempsey kite club at holding an open weekend 27th-29th may2017 camping is available, we fly on a turf farm just out side Worcester, come a long and see where we fly, if you want to fly for the weekend you would need bksa insurance if you want any further info dont hesitate to ask
  11. visiting a friend in reading soon and he is keen to have a try in my buggy as a possible new hobby, anyone know of any good areas to buggy? i have insurance etc and wont be going mad in it. Cheers, jamie
  12. Hello All, This week I will be joining in with the fun at Hoylake (near Liverpool, UK) where a 4 Nations kite buggy race is being held. Presently there is 26 pilots agreed to take part (as per the fb page) and with winds forecast, its going to be good going!! I'm making my way up to Hoylake tomorrow where there is a practice day and then racing will be held over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (8th Sep - 10th Sep). It will be the first time I am racing with Flysurfer Sonics (v1). Unfortunately Russ (@socommk233) will not be there with his 11m Diabilo, so will not be able to feedback the difference in performance between the 2 kites, however I'm interested on how the Sonics will fair up against Ozone R1 (v1 & v2) and the rest of the depower fleet - we do have a Peter Lynn Aero in the fleet too......so wish me luck! I will return to post up an update and some pictures, however it will be at the end of the event. If you want to see more 'up to date' feedback, either check out my fb page (there is only 1 Karen Cutbush ) or the 4 Nations fb page. Feel free to pop down if you are in the area, it will be great to have the support!! Cheers KarenK53
  13. Lickey Hill Flyers - http://www.lickeyhillflyers.com - Thread #24 Lickey Hill Flyers - thread #24 Hello and welcome to the Lickey Hill Flyers part #24! This is the 23th addition to the the Lickey Hill Flyers thread. We are a friendly group of enthusiastic kite flyers who spend most evenings perched on the top of the Lickey Hills in South Birmingham. If it rains we can be found in the club house which is located in the nearest set of trees. To find us check out Google Maps for our location - we park in the red dusty car park at the end of Monument Road [near where it joins Beacon Lane and fly at the beacon adjoining it. At weekends we can be found over at ExtremeKiteShop where we can be found on land boards or buggies. We also have the occasional group trips to the sea side for an ice cream, clean winds and nice long beach runs. To view the web site amble over to http://www.lickeyhillflyers.com Rules No boards or buggies I’m afraid (unless the hill is empty of the public) Watch out for locals Respect the surroundings List Of Flyers Aaron Badger/ steve Big Graham BOB-BOB and little Bobs / [Guess work here] Bob. Capt. Faceplant/ Russ COSHiE / Emma crut/ Chris Daz Dragons Heaven / Mikey and clan Jaffa Cake/ Gavino kite kid - jonathan Jamie Jay Kilgore/ Dave Kitedeck Dan/ Dan Kite Hawk / Graham LC Sulla/ Martin (Honorary) Little Leigh / leigh Little Peg / Dave Mr Pid/ Andy Maddog Pete…. Fi fi fu fu Trixebelle woof woof Madge/ Adam Newbie One / Chris Paula/ Da Management Phanny Boy / Dave Road Runner/ Harry Rock Chick/ Sariah Sjm/ Simon Spiky jack/ Mark Stacker - Rich **** jack/ jack Dave -lhf-Scotland Rep Bikeryboy Gaynor PhannysGirl - Charly Kirky/ Aron If anyone's name has been missed off the list - please say
  14. Anyone fancy flying at york race course on sunday? Would be great to meet some other flyers. And maybe get a few pointers on how to fly better.
  15. A thread for everyone who flies in & around Southampton! Buggiers, boarders, kitesurfers, bladers & static flyers all welcome:) (about time I started one of these!!) Dan
  16. Hi all! I've just moved to Glasgow from the Czech Republic (although I am originally from Spain) and I can't wait to try the powerful Scottish winds! :-) From what I've seen here and after a couple google searches the best locations nearby are Irvine and Stevenston. How is it this time of the year? Anybody going this weekend or soon? Is there any other good location around Glasgow? Thanks!
  17. Ahoy there, New to Cardiff - old(ish) to kiting. Have been out for a couple of consecutive days now and am wondering what took me so long to move to the coast! Anyone around down here??
  18. Hi all, and welcome to the Lincolnshire thread.... There's not many of us left, but those that are still with us enjoy mainly flying at the beach, we are a friendly bunch and will help you out when ever we can. Places where we Buggy are Mablethorpe, the best location around these parts, park at The Seal Sanctuary North End Mablethorpe Lincolnshire LN12 1QG Head onto the beach from here, once on the beach, you can buggy 1/2 mile to the left and 1 1/2 miles to the right, when the beach is good it is good for boarders too, stay away from the public and respect any animals that frequent the beach, during the summer months the beach gets busy with holiday makers, its best to stay up the north end away from young kids etc etc. Please clear away any litter and rubbish that you might have with you and leave the beach clean for everyone to enjoy or Cleethorpes, park at Thorpe Park Holiday Park Cleethorpes North East Lincolnshire DN35 0PW Preferred winds are Easterlies, but any wind wind an east in it you will have a good day, north and south winds are cross shore, best to go then when the tides are well out, westerlies will still get you moving, but expect gusty lumpy winds. If you would like any other info, please pm either House or popeyethewelder ps here's a link to our previous thread http://community.flexifoil.com/showthread.php?t=110773&page=200__________________ Carl
  19. been out of the game a good while and now find myself living in bradford, a big change from the highlands, and am getting the urge to fly again. anyone kiting locally to here?
  20. Morning All, I am looking to see if anyone kites of the front or in the harbour at Mudeford, this spot is fairly local to me and a lot less busy then Poole. I stopped kiting a year ago due to work commitments but am desperate to get back into it. Happy ridding up wind and body dragging so just looking for people to go out with and learn more. Would be great to here from people. Cheers Matt
  21. Morning All, I am looking to see if anyone kites of the front or in the harbour at Mudeford, this spot is fairly local to me and a lot less busy then Poole. I stopped kiting a year ago due to work commitments but am desperate to get back into it. Happy ridding up wind and body dragging so just looking for people to go out with and learn more. Would be great to here from people. Cheers Matt
  22. Hi there Just wondering if any depower fliers are going to be over Pinkneys Green this sunday that might be able to offer a newbie to depower some advice and tips on setting up and trimming my HQ Montana 9.5m for use on my landboard. Have been flying power kites for a few years but am new to depower. I have read tons of advice and watched plenty on YouTube but there's nothing like a bit of hands on tuition to calm the anxiety for the first few flights.
  23. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone is flying over Pinkneys Green on Sunday that might be able to offer some advise and tips on setting up and flying my HQ Montana depower 9.5m. I have flown power kites for a few years and am progressing into the depower/landboard world and am seeking someone that could share their advise with a potential newbie to depower and show me the ropes.
  24. Cleeve Common Flyers, Cheltenham Directions: For SatNavs type in "Aggs Hill" follow the road to the top of the hill, there is a dead tree/stump at the top and the road forks - Turn Right and follow the road until you arrive at the Carpark / Pyons. Upon arrival set up your kites and have fun! Please take all litter home with you and look out for beginners who may not be aware of the flying zones. As a shop we will also fully support all local flyers with discounts on any products! Just mention when calling the shop! There is a great resource with the rules here http://www.atbshop.co.uk/images/uploads/cleeve_common_location_map.jpg http://www.atbshop.co.uk/images/uploads/cleeve_common_flying_area.jpg
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