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  1. See you have these on your site now Jason, any in stock? Had a look at them first hand?
  2. Polarised for those on land, non-polarised for on the water. I find it hard to judge the water surface with polarised glasses due to the lack of reflections. Personal preference.
  3. Just got back from a weeks worth of kitesurfing at Paje Beach in Zanzibar, finally decided to get my arse out on the water and loved it. Fantastic location, two lagoons with a reef about 1.5km from shore keeping the chop out, beyond that there are some nice waves for the guys that are into that. Huge intertidal zone with nice shallow flat water at low tide, perfect for me getting used to the board, and quite deep and a little choppy at high tide. Conditions were perfect as the tide came in and went out. Good wind all week ~20 knots, really nice place. We spent most of our time at the Zanz
  4. You should take it for a trip upto the grampians. Fyans, Lonsdale and Bellfield were all amazing when i left in January, i imagine they would still be great. Really nice lakes for having a yak. I had my yak set up for fishing, some great trout in bellfield.
  5. Hope you don't mind me messing with your pictures, but this one just screamed at me to be a silhouette.
  6. I would just be doing a trip to the coast, 13th or Port Fairy. Victorian inland wind is balls, i reckon its worth the effort to go to the coast.
  7. I don't think a kite would last long in TZ, probably get mugged for it setting up on the beach. They have amazing beaches here but no kiting that i have seen. However i have only spent a couple of days on the coast and haven't even got to Zanzibar yet. Apparently Zanzibar is pretty good for kiting, good winds from about June.
  8. Can't make it this year, spewing...was awesome fun last year. Working in Tanzania these days so unfortunately its not an option.
  9. His other post has 0426841809 in it.
  10. I was super close to heading down there, or port fairy, this arvo. Just wanted 5 or so more knots to justify the long drive.
  11. They sell those retarded things at my local sportspower. I'm always amazed to see that a few have sold in-between my visits.
  12. Im going to have to get into this when i'm living in Canadia.
  13. Great pics and vids guys, looks like an awesome time was had by all. Its giving me the bug.....gotta get out there.
  14. Oh dear god i see vanilla slices!!! No I'm really sad i couldn't get there
  15. Awesome stuff, congratulations to you both!
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