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  1. As someone who has experience a couple of 'death-loop' incidents i can say that the video is highly misleading and should not be taken overly seriously. Kite loops can be caused by many more things than simply user-error bar tangles, commonly involving bridles or attachment points at the kite getting wrapped around a wing tip. Given an uncontrolled kite is all about the amount of time you have between the incident starting and you being able to resolve it, i certainly wouldn't be faffing around with pulling a rear line unless i knew i had all the time in the world. The best thing you ca
  2. I'll form an orderly queue behind you Gozzy. My frozen shoulder sounds less urgent.
  3. Zac: you're a weapon with that Wicked Wing! Very nice flying. Norm: i think you need to lift your game.
  4. koma

    Wanted Buggy

    Lets take this to PM. You've got mail.
  5. koma

    Wanted Buggy

    I'm sure i could ship my Peter Lynn bugger over to Perth for a lot less than $250! Give me a shout if you're interested.
  6. Interesting what's been getting the attention. So far i've sold the travel bag to a snowboarder and all the really used stuff has gone leaving almost all of the good bits still available.
  7. It's Koma's clearout sale! As some may know, i'm heading overseas in a couple of months and am trying not to leave anything in storage so everything must go. Photo's are available on request, but this is my beloved kite gear that's been to many a Sandy Point speed week and Extreme Kites event. Not usually photographed though as i'm mostly the one behind the camera. KITES (all with bag, bar & lines) LEI's All gone FOILs '11 Pansh 2m trainer kite; hot pink (on quad-line handles) - seems to have gone missing or is hiding! BUGGY & MTB Gone to a new home BOAR
  8. I've snowkited twice successfully in my many years of taking my gear up with me. Both times were at Falls Creek + high cloud cover + 10-15kn northerly and it was absolute bliss. I've seen a few people trying to snowkite up at Falls and Hotham but they really didn't look like they were having fun in the marginal conditions. My recommendation for anyone contemplating trying it is to take your gear and don't expect to get a session in. If the heavens line up and the perfect day presents itself then get out there, otherwise just enjoy your time on the slopes. Falls Creek, 2009 T
  9. That was an awesome run! Definitely in my top 5 down winders. I still remember seeing the huge gust roll in and having my hand on my quick release waiting to get pummeled.
  10. koma

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Well my poor little FPV250 had a suspected motor failure from about 500m away and 100m up. Last video footage showed it spinning out of control and falling towards a creek. After searching for about an hour i'm almost positive that it's gone to Davie Jones Locker. Farewell little fella. I'm trying not to count the cost as i order replacement parts.
  11. Off to fleabay it goes. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261490566871
  12. Updated the price; need this sold. Brand spanking new GoPro3+ Black for $400 pickup.
  13. GoPro Hero3+ Black Condition: Brand new in box and packaging. Reason for sale: you know those 'mates' who ask you to buy something for them and will pay you later. Old mate has now said he doesn't need one, and i certainly don't need two. No one on XK, so no need to name and shame. Price: Updated to $400 pickup (Abbotsford or Melbourne CBD)/ plus post Other stuff: It's the regular edition one that comes with the remote control, curved and flat adhesive mounts, QR buckles and a 3-way pivot arm. I bought the surf edition for myself as it comes with the big sticky board mount. Chea
  14. Yep,that about sums it up! Big thanks to Joel & Mel for hosting another great Sandy Point weekend of fun!
  15. See everyone down there tomorrow! With wind like Sunday's forecast i'll be out on the water but will pack the buggy for Saturday.
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