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AndyFly, We will miss you.


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Hi All,

This is still just sinking in for a few of us who have found out in the last hour, however it is through wet eyes that I type AndyFly passed away earlier today from a seizure. Linda will let us know over the next few days more information, and what the funeral arrangements in Canberra will be, undoubtedly there will be a number of us flying in from all over the country to pay respect to one of the greatest people this community has had the pleasure of knowing.

This has come completely unexpected, this morning at 10:10am AndyFly was posting away about a great weekend kiting with his Son and a few of the boys in Canberra ( viewtopic.php?f=74&t=15374 ) and was due to be in Sydney tonight to meetup with Luke, whom had a bed ready for him. When he didn't appear Luke tried several times to make contact, at which point Linda answered his mobile and informed him with the grim news.





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I dont know where to start or what to say I know

I will miss you Mr Fly that cheeky grin awesome

Personality .I will even miss those skinny white legs

and being his target for him to aim at during photo shoots

on the beaches of Yeppoon which will not be the same without

you.Heaven has scored a real gentleman and true friend to many

down here Im going to miss you so very much Mr Andyfly You Are A Legend to me

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To say I was shocked and stunned to hear Andy had passed away today would be an understatement, as I had only just had a PM from him before lunch today.

My heart goes out to Linda and the kids.

I know that he will be sadly missed by those that knew him as he was such a great bloke and a great character with such a huge heart.

I will miss you mate.

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Im so sorry to hear this could happen to one of the niceset people I've met in the time I've been kiting, I had a ball freestyling with Andy at Sany Point last time we were there together and was so looking forward to the next one.

Why does it always happen to the kindest people.

My condolences to the family.. I'm so sorry for your loss.


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Only the good die young.

A huge shock to all.

Condolences to the rest of the Fly gang.

Kathleen and I had the pleasure (and all those who attended the Adelaide kite fest) of watching him boost in the tiny area on the foreshore, and put on a great show.

The Oooo's and aghhhhh's from the crowd watching Mr Fly jump were fantastic, and a great ambassador for the sport he was.

Sadly missed he will be.

Nigel and Kathleen.

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Today is definitely a tragic day for Australian Land Kiting.

We have not only lost a good mate, but we have also lost one of out most enthusiastic and energetic members of our community.

He genuinely loved the sport and the people that participated in it.

Andy will be missed beyond words by all that knew him.

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All i can say is "RIP Andy", the short time i knew you, it was a pleasure to have known you, true gentleman and made a positive impression on everyone that met you.

I hope you have access to XK in the place you are resting.

Farewell Andy we will all miss you, all my best wishes to your family.

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I have updated the front page of Extreme Kites to reflect the passing of AndyFly, and an article with a bit of his achievements, endorsements and his growth within the community itself to try and convey the type of individual AndyFly was.

Farewell AndyFly: http://www.extremekites.com.au/news/rid ... issed.html

Once I know the funeral arrangements it will be posted and updated here for those wanting to attend. If you wish to share your thoughts on Andy please do so in this topic, as I will put together a small tribute page in due time and will include some of the photos and thoughts from this topic.



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what can I say? :cray:

One full of life character that will never be forgotten, ever. In the short time I knew him, I'll never forget him.

Love to all the Fly family.


Thank you for all of the photo's of Andy doing what he does best - enjoying life! Lots of memories that will never be forgotten.

Thank you to .Joel for the beautiful tribute.

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