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  1. Hello Pari. How are your impressions of the wheels? Unfortunately the wheels that I printed on PLA broke on their own, even without using the skateboard, it was enough to put 20 pounds of pressure on them and they broke like yours, the ABS wheels are still firm, the problem that printing in ABS is very difficult due to the detachment of the table piece and the warp. But let's try.
  2. This weekend was the test of my NPW21, after several line adjustments I managed to put it on the air. My observations about the kite were: Lots of tractive force. Wider flight window. Low speed. Lots of vibration at the tips. The kite is much wider compared to the NPW5, which makes it have a lower AR. I still need to make more precise adjustments, reduce the tension lines, maybe create some darts, but taking into account the bad wind quality with variation and gusts coming from L and NE direction, I really liked the result. Soon new videos. I will be honest in saying that I was a little
  3. My board seems to be small, I still can't use straps because I'm taking the first steps and my foot ends up scraping the tires all the time because I don't have a fixed position, I'm thinking about making a bigger board, I'm thinking about 130cm. I'm putting the video on a new topic from my last training with a 7m NASA kite, these kites don't really help but also when using a correct kite I will be able to progress a lot.
  4. Yesterday I managed to reach another breakthrough on my board. The wheels were printed on the 3D printer and for shape I used a very hard wood that ended up cracking in a small jump that I stopped. I will soon have a more suitable board, but for now this will be my option for my NASA 4m kite.
  5. Good morning Pari. I would like to know how to balance your printed wheel on the 3D printer. Yesterday I just assembled mine and put it on the trucks, I thought the resistance was incredible and I'm not believing that they will break, but regarding the breakdown the wheels were left with a bit of play, the tire I'm using is also not very good . I would like to know if your wheels also look like this and if this is a big problem.
  6. Good evening everyone. Today I managed to get my skateboard tires and the truck I bought arrived. My mounting on my rim printed on the 3D printer worked but I am even better, I thought it was smaller despite working, so I ended up adjusting the internal measurement and correcting the bearing bore, which is 6001. The weight of the complete tire was 800g of each 680g truck. Unfortunately the truck salesman sent only 1 piece by mistake and is already referring me to another. In total, the cost to date has been approximately converting into $ 63.00 dollar. The shape will be cut in flat wood right
  7. Tire 1 is 5.5cm wide and tire 2 is 7.5cm wide. Regarding weight, certainly the 1 is heavier but I have no idea of their weight, what I know is that they support up to 120kg and 30lb.
  8. Guys, I would like to know between the tires in photo 1 and photo 2, which would be the most suitable for riding on very uneven terrain with beaten sand, loose sand, pebbles, holes and undergrowth?
  9. I had a lot of help from @Pari in this piece, he showed me the way. I can only thank you. I really know @Pari that ABS has this problem, but at the moment it's what I had at home. I live in a very hot and dry city, I followed the printing and did everything to keep it fixed on the table, from the beginning, I was afraid of warps but it was amazing, I didn't notice any failure of loose layers or warping, the fit was perfect. I want to see when the resistance issue is set up, but as I'm starting kiteskating, I think I won't have any major problems, despite my 103kg. Another detail is the
  10. My 2nd attempt to go kiteboarding, very gusty wind and the skateboard wheels do not help because they are small and the terrain is very uneven. The kite used was a 3.9m NPW5 built by myself, 20m lines with double command bar.
  11. Good morning everyone, yesterday prints the first set of rings on the 3D printer, the total weight of the 2 pieces was 120g, printed on ABS plastic with 100% density, it was very resistant and I believe it has a lot of resistance. This week I will see the tire and test if it will fit perfectly on this rim, I think so because the creator of the file has pictures with it mounted on 2.50-4 tires. Regarding values, the tires with inner tube will cost me approximately U $ 36.00, the 4 rims approximately U $ 11.00 and the truck U $ 32.00. The wooden Shape in the range of U $ 22.00
  12. Good morning everyone. I gave up on the wheelchair tires and ended up finding the 2.50-4 tire in my city for an excellent price, the rim I can print on my 3D printer using ABS plastic and the truck I also found for a price I can afford. Would that be a good set?
  13. I'm lost on measures. I see a lot of tires for carveboard but i don't know if they would work for landboarding. I don't know which one I could use to start with anymore.
  14. Good morning everyone. I want to ride a skateboard to practice with my NASA kite. I'm having trouble finding my own skate and when I think the prices are high and I can't. I found a set of wheels to sell in my country at a price I can afford. I wonder if it would be possible for me to practice with these wheels in the measurements of the photo. The tires are not inflatable and according to the manufacturer they can handle about 120kg, they are for wheelchairs. The place I will use is hard earth, mixed with grass, gravel and loose sand. Currently I have tried to use a longboard skateboard with
  15. Good morning jhn.holgate. What I could observe is that flights with large lines is infinitely better, the kite gains greater speed and much more strength. What I could see in the videos where people use short bars is that they are very windy locations, which makes use easier. Now I will leave for the construction of the NPW9b of 6m and working i make a 9m, so I get my complete set, will only be missing a good skateboard. The group has been of great help.
  16. Good morning friend, would you have at least the STL of the wheel in the measure to supply?
  17. After tests and more tests, take lines, put lines, change nozzle, studies and studies, frustrations of arriving at the site to test and be disappointed with the performance, I had an idea of adjustment and today when testing my NPW5 I had this happy answer. I never thought a NASA would have as good a stability as I can show in this video. I managed to assemble in the 2-line system and leave a depower on the nozzle ready or use toggles to cram with the 4 lines. The kite stops in the corner of the window, over 45º and stopped falling backwards, gained speed, strength and the nozzle greatly reduc
  18. Good Morning. I went back to making adjustments to my NASA NPW using version 2.0.2. The kite showed a good flight using 20m lines but sometimes I notice that the kite flies in reverse, but it has improved a lot. I made all possible adjustments of the brake, if I release the brake more the nose bends, if I tighten the brake more the kite flies backwards more often. The situation gets worse when I try to use levers or a bar with short lines to skate on asphalt, there is nothing I can do that he doesn't back up quickly, unlike NASA STAR, I saw some videos where he kept on top even using a bar. Co
  19. Good morning everyone. This week end I did some more tests and came to good conclusions about my nasa. Referring to the large closing in the nose, it was due to the brake lines being too loose, small adjustments in the brake lines already result in great results in the kite's nose. But the fact is that NASA cannot stay very still, because if you leave the brake line almost at the same distance from the attack lines, it can fly backwards, but the result was already much better, I got to be in pain arms because I'm not using a trapezoid to fix the bar around my waist. Another detail is that I am
  20. Regarding the repairs to the fabrics, I managed to do it perfectly, they were perfect, even already building foil kites and NASA, the bladder problem is related to gluing, welding and material, something practically impossible to repair.
  21. I am even ashamed to post these photos of the repair attempts, but in this case, when I had the problem in the kite, the leading edge tore in full sail and the bladder did not burst creating a giant ball in the middle. It was repaired but with time the situation only got worse, many patches on patches until I tried a solution with this PU glue. Outside the kite the air held, but when you put it inside the sleeve, the pressure was great which made the glue open in another place.
  22. Good morning everyone. This is my Guerilla 15m, I have it for a long time and I still have fun with it. I managed to do a kite surf once with him, but he is a kite that despite having a good traction, it is very slow, with a lot of drag and very open curves, which is difficult for me to sail with my weight 100kg and winds from 10 to 12 knots. I would like to know if it is possible to use it for kiteskating or if it is too big. Where I live, the winds are very gusty, so in a moment I have a dragging force and in seconds it ends up disappearing. What is the ideal wind for me to start kiteskating
  23. My idea is to have a kite so I can take my first steps in kiteskating, so I decided to do this nasa and I would like to use it with a kitesurf bar, so I am using the front lines and the brake together, I saw a video of a depower for NASA and I was dreaming of being able to use it like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYAGJkNdUak&ab_channel=quedecree). I'm getting beaten a lot with the adjustments of the lines, this week I changed the measurements for the second version of the npw5, but as I had changed the distances of the T measurement it ended up going wrong and it made the collapse
  24. I was sailing and after an incident the kite tore in the middle, including the leading edge. The bladder created a huge ball on the brake where I had to fix it and several panels were glued. After a long time, these repairs broke down and I tried to recover with other material and it only got worse. I lost all that part, approximately 1.50 m of bladder, the rest is perfect. I wanted to find a solution for bladders made with easily accessible material, but I see that it is impossible. Either I get a whole new bladder or try to join it with a used one.
  25. I would like to buy leading edge bladder for North Rhino II kite size 18
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